120 Days

Words by Matthew Vanatta
Photos by Yeti

Captain David Magnum is a salty dog, and while he is an obsessive and passionate fisherman, there is no doubt the man is as salty as they come. The Yeti Coolers fishing Ambassador was born and bred in the Florida Panhandle and has made a living out of chasing his obsession throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Armed with a flyrod, unsurpassed knowledge and a fierce determination, Mangum has cemented himself as one of the world’s premier saltwater fly fisherman. During tarpon season, he and his team of fellow guides at Shallow Water Expeditions, lead both novice and experienced fly fishers through the crystalline blue waters of the Gulf in search of large tarpon.

‘120 Days’ follows Mangum and his team of guides through the struggles and obsession of tarpon season. The film is a stunning display of cinematic mastery and recently took home ‘Best Creative Film’ at the 5 Point Outdoor Film Festival. Where filmmaker, Travis Rummel, talked about the struggles of filming Tarpon Fishing, as the crew didn’t catch a fish until the final day of filming.

Mangum and crew count on Yeti coolers and products to keep their crew and clients hydrated and the fish cold when they aren’t catching and releasing. To watch Mangum fish large tarpon is mesmerizing and his passion is contagious. Madman or enthusiasts, David Mangum is dedicated to outdoor pursuits and never leaves home without his Yeti gear.

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