An Afternoon with Community-Driven Boise Brewing

Words by Cody Howard
Photos by Cody Howard

I walked in not really knowing what to expect.

I had been in breweries before, but never one likes this. Greeted by the ceramic mugs of the 450 owners proudly hanging on the wall, I was reminded that this brewery is special.

“beer is fun and we have to remind ourselves to celebrate that from time to time.”

After Josh, the marketing manager, greeted me, we began the tour. He led me into a small room off the main taproom where there were bags upon bags of different variations of hops, waiting to be chosen.

Josh walked me through the brewing process, introduced me to the brewers, and took me to fridge where all of the finished kegs are stored until show time.

I was poured a Black Cliffs, the award-winning American stout and sat down with Collin Rudeen, the founder.

As Collin shared the Boise Brewing story he said something that stuck with me. “I’ve definitely had a few conversations about what were people thinking when they invested in a kid with a business plan.” Long before Boise Brewing had ever brewed their award-winning beer or moved into their location downtown, a community of everyday people decided that they believed in a vision. Each invested $1,000 and became one of the 450 owners that turned this dream into one of the first crowd funded breweries in history.

It became clear to me that this story was about much more than beer. Sure, Boise Brewing makes great beer… but so do a lot breweries. What makes Boise Brewing different is community. From the very beginning they have had a tribe of like minded people supporting them each step of the way. Let me be clear, this community goes much farther than the names written on ceramic mugs: it’s the people who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and I could see it in the eyes of each person filling the taproom.

Since 2015 Boise Brewing has hosted Hoptober Freshtival, collaborated with other breweries in the Treasure Valley, and continues to give back to the local community that helped them get started.

Throughout the next twelve months they plan to get back to their roots, brewing small seasonal batches, canning old favorites, and continuing to have fun while doing it. As Josh put it, “beer is fun and we have to remind ourselves to celebrate that from time to time.”

I walked out of the taproom that day with a deeper understanding of community and confidence that this is still the beginning of Boise Brewing’s story.

Special thanks to the Boise Brewing for showing me such an incredible time.

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