An Everyday Essential: 5 Multi-Purpose Knives for All Occasions

Words by Aaron Gerry

Since the Stone Age, humans have been designing tools to make their lives better. The greatest invention may be the humble knife, a pocket companion that let Grug and Ebe feast on Mastodon filets and craft the finest fashion pieces of the day, and everything in between.

While the world has developed from those early barbeques, the trusty knife remains a favored friend. We’ve rounded up a collection of sharp edges to fit your needs, from specialized to multi-purpose. Whether you’re serving up a backcountry stir fry, finagling a fish fly, or fixing a blown tire along the bike lane, there’s a knife to meet the demands of your trade.

Santa Fe Stoneworks 3″ Spalted Beech Lockback Stainless Steel Knife 

A beautifully designed hard good for the long haul.

The Santa Fe Stoneworks Spalted Beech 3″ Lockback Knife looks so good you’ll be showing it off for years. The blade is made of 16 sturdy layers of stainless steel that wards off rust and has uncompromising edge-holding. The exotic wood handle gains its unique coloring from fungi that colonize the tree and coalesce in attractive patterns. Top it off with a touch of turquoise inlay for a blade you’ll want to unsheath any chance you get.

Leatherman Skeletool Black

A streamlined multi-tool for the modern outdoorsman-or-woman.

The Leatherman Skeletool might look a little dinosaur bones, but it’s got a lot more T-1000 than T-Rex in there. Whether you need to tie off a fishing fly, shave slivers for kindling or crack open a bottle, the multi-tool can handle the expectant needs and unforeseen from mountain to ranch to river. The stainless steel blade is accessible from the outside while the pliers’ wire cutting edges bring added versatility. Weighing in at 5 ounces and just 4 inches long, it’s lightweight and low-volume for everyday carry.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Barbecue Multi Tool

All-in-one barbeque tool for the at-home-or-backwoods griller.

You’ll be a go-go gadget grilling machine with the Gentlemen’s Hardware Barbecue Multi Tool. Baste chicken breasts one second, flip burgers the next, and open bottles of wine and beer with panache in between. The tools are made of stainless steel and silicone to handle the hardships of high heat and backcountry bushwacking, while the spatula, fork and basting brush are detachable for easy cleaning.

Opinel Corkscrew No. 10 Wine and Cheese Knife

A welcomed third wheel for the master pairer.

Prosecco and parmesan, gruyere and chardonnay, merlot and monterey, right, Jack? Complement the perfect pairing with a consummate third wheel, the Opinel Corkscrew No. 10 Wine and Cheese Knife. Sheathed in a handsome beechwood handle, the 4” stainless steel blade slices and shaves, while the tucked away corkscrew unwinds good times. Cheers to you, vino and formaggio virtuoso, you.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Credit Card Tool

Credit card sized for the always prepared.

The best tool is the one you have on you. And since you’re always carrying your wallet, it’s a good bet to have more than just your Amex in there. Featuring 10-tools-in-1, the Gentlemen’s Hardware Credit Card Tool has a means for your needs whether you’re dealing with a bike breakdown, a stubborn pop-top or a loose screw. MacGyver approved, TSA not.

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