Brixton: The Road to Freedom

Words by Matthew Vanatta

Born of the independent spirit of the garage builders, skaters, and surfers of America’s West, Brixton has cemented a legacy as being a brand that caters to the fiercely independent.

Cruising south from Los Angeles down the Pacific Coast Highway the landscape is dotted with a number of small coastal communities that range from the opulent to blue collar. These communities have become an essential part of Southern California culture, which is greater terms means American culture.

Brixton was founded in 2004, in Oceanside, California one of the few remaining working class communities on the Southern California Coast. Oceanside is home to builders, bikers, boarders, and a community of humble craftsmen, a truly independent spirit that has become synonymous with the Brixton label.

While Brixton calls California home the brand has quickly gained worldwide recognition for its updated take on classic fashion staples. The brand first gained recognition for its line of hats. Before festival hats reigned supreme, Brixton was making high-quality headwear for the creative set. Their hats became a favorite amongst surfers, artists, artisans, musicians, and curious travelers.

Brixton created a culture on to its own that made the transition into a more robust apparel offering a simple choice. Brixton’s line of apparel has evolved over the last several years from hats and t-shirts to modern takes on classic wardrobe staples. Brixton continues to defy the odds by both offerings continual updates to their already impressive line all without sacrificing the timeless design they have become so well known for. Many of Brixton’s staple products are extremely versatile as well offering comfort and style whether working on a garage project or traveling to a far-flung destination in search of adventure.

While Brixton continues to grow, the brand still stays deeply rooted in the culture that inspired the label. They are still based in Southern California, the birthplace of modern surf and skate culture. Brixton continues to be a favorite amongst the creative class from musicians to chopper builders, and the brand continues to find new customers while staying true to the good folks that have supported the brand since the inception.

In day and age when brands can grow quickly and lose a sense of their true purpose, Brixton stands as a testament to the humble roots of the town where the brand was founded. A brand that is destined for greatness but still finds satisfaction in its original mission. A mission to provide the purveyors of the culture they hold so dearly with high-quality garments, so no matter where their journey takes them, they look damn good on the way.

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