Build Better Together

Words by Wayward
Photos by Steven John Irby

Featured images were shot by Steven John Irby. Give him a follow at @stevesweatpants to keep up with his work.

It has always been our mission at Wayward to support diverse communities and individuals on their path of self-improvement through exploration. We do this because we have a vision that ALL people have the need to reach self-actualization and that it is a journey we ALL deserve. We do this because we believe together we can make the world better. This is our true North.

Fundamental to this vision is a world where all people are treated equally, where systemic racism, inequalities and injustices are extinguished, and where everyone has the opportunity to live and thrive free from unjust persecution. Unfortunately, we are not living in that world. The time to build this world is now and we ask all of you to join us.

As part of our efforts we have listed some organizations that we believe can help guide us all along this path, and invest in the change. Following the recent events, Wayward has made financial contributions to all of these organizations. They offer some great resources and ways you can support. We know not everyone can support financially and ask you to do your part in whatever way you can and however you feel comfortable. Using your voice can be powerful.

Vote, educate yourself, support your fellow neighbor, your local business that supports change, educate your children, your friends, your local leaders.  It will take all of us, of all backgrounds, all races and all places. In coming together, we can change the course and realign the global compass towards equality. Let now be the new beginning.

At this time, we also ask for your patience in supporting us here at Wayward. Over the past weekend we, as many others, experienced break-ins in both of our Seattle and Chicago stores. Our Chicago store has been completely looted and we are doing our best to pick up the pieces and continue to operate online, but we do expect some delays. We hope to grow from this experience and are blessed to have our lives, our health and the opportunity to keep pushing North, with you. For that, we are thankful.


Thank you for all your support.



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