Check the Feed: 5 Instagram Accounts Worth Following This Winter

Words by Chris Zimmerman

Having been around for a good seven years now, Instagram has transformed the way we think about photography and photographers. From food photos, dogs in costumes, hilarious memes and the quintessential outdoor shot, people have turned the humble photosharing app into a billion dollar business. While there are still plenty of terrible photos and photographers on Instagram, others have turned feeds into high-end portfolios, even getting their break into professional photography through the app. Now with over 800 million active monthly users, it can be hard to sort through it all to find the gems. Whether you’re in need of some inspiration, want to live vicariously through someone else’s life, or looking to curate your own feed, here are five of our favorite accounts right now.



Completing the 30,000 mile route from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Patagonia, Argentina would be hard enough in a comfortable SUV, but by motorcycle and adding in mountaineering summit attempts along the way is even harder. Consisting of three childhood friends, one being our good buddy James Barkman, The Pan American Trail has become a trip of epic proportions. Having already checked off Denali, Mt. Robson, Mt. Hood and Mt. Whitney from their summit list, and riding Suzuki dual sport bikes, this crew has been shooting photos the entire way. Follow this account for a real taste of life on the road: the up’s, down’s, high’s and low’s of this incredible journey.



The husband and wife team of Tim and Hanna Eddy are more than just professional snowboarders shredding their way around the world, they are on a quest to live radically. From cutting back on their footprint, living small in their camper, and heading into the backcountry on splitboards, this couple and their constant enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. Their recent book, Split the Difference, highlights their splitboard-focused winter living in their camper, with half the profits being donated to Protect Our Winters, a leading climate advocacy group. Follow this account if you like fun times, care about the environment and enjoy activities like snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding.

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With today’s phones, we all have the ability to be street photographers, but it can be hard to do it right. Based in Toronto, Matthew Wylie’s street photography stands apart from the rest due to its honesty, unique composition and ability to capture candid moments. Through high contrast black and white imagery, motion blurs and the use of reflections, Matthew’s photography is worth paying attention to. Follow this account to see what can be accomplished with a camera at the ready, a little imagination and a creative eye.

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From his small Orcas Island studio, wood sculptor and artist, Aleph Geddis crafts some of the most unique wood art around. Inspired by Northwest coast Native carvings and geometric shapes, Aleph’s work can really only speak for itself. It’s hard to imagine his perfectly straight lines, intricate shapes and textures have been all carved by hand. Splitting his time between Bali, Japan and the San Juan Islands, Aleph seems to have life figured out. Follow this account if you’re in search of creative inspiration or just want to ogle at all the amazing sculptures he’s carved.

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There are plenty of concert photographers these days, but not too many that were so young they had to sneak into shows just to shoot photos. Having discovered an interest in photography during high school, Zoe Rain began shooting hip hop shows at a young age before becoming Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ tour photographer, at only 20 years old. Now this Chicago-via-Seattle photographer has proven she is more than just a flash in the pan and continues to expand her portfolio beyond music. Follow Zoe for a look into the life of an upcoming music, fashion and editorial photographer.

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As with anything regarding the internet, this list barely scratches the surface of all the inspiring, unique and ground-breaking photographers using Instagram as a platform to share their work. Give these accounts a follow if you haven’t already, and of course, you can always follow us at @wayward.

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