Cold, Wet, Stoked: Pacific Northwest Surf Playlist

Words by WAYWARD

Far from the summery tunes of the Beach Boys and Dick Dale, surf rock takes on an entirely new vibe in the Pacific Northwest. While many see surfing as a summer sport, it’s not until fall and winter that the swell picks up to create some all time waves, and when most die-hards kick it into gear. Fall and winter also bring along 4pm sunsets, cold, rain, sleet and wind. Not only does surfing in the Northwest require some serious dedication, but quite a bit of time in the car, driving to spots, checking to see what’s working, and finally making a decision on where to crawl into a wetsuit and paddle out into 49-degree water.

All this time spent driving through dreary, rainy weather is what inspired our most recent playlist. These songs complement the feel of having windshield wipers on high, headlights on, coffee in hand, trying to peer through the trees for a glimpse at the surf. Songs from groups like Thee Oh Sees, Timber Timbre, Night Beats and Woods set the mood for this Northwest-inspired soundtrack.

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