Dickies 1922 Interview: Bringing a Classic to the Modern Era

Words by Wayward

There are not many brands that have stood the test of time the way Dickies has. For more than 90 years Dickies has crafted quality workwear for those who get things done.

As longtime fans of the brand, we were stoked to connect with their design team and learn more about the process of creating their 1922 collection. We hope you enjoy reading through this interview and checking out the new Dickies1922 collection online and in our retail store locations.


Q:  What went into the design process of updating some of the styles to match modern trends?

A: We worked very closely with our factory to pull forward the construction techniques of the 1930s/1940s. It was also very important that the collection fit the modern silhouette.


 Q:   How different was the process of creating this collection compared to most? Did you encounter any new challenges?

A: For spring 2019, we introduced the dropped shoulder shirt for the first time in the 1922 collection. The drop shoulder construction is reminiscent of shirts made in the late 1800s, possibly by home sewers without pattern making experience.


 Q:   It’s awesome that this collection was produced in Uvalde, TX just 350 miles from Fort Worth, TX where the company starting almost a century ago. How has the legacy of Dickies American made workwear changed since the beginning? How has it stayed the same?

A: American workers of the early 20th century purchased their workwear with the expectation that it would stand up to the challenges of their hardworking lives. In our archives, we have a matched set from a worker who wore it for 14 years – throughout the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and World War II.

Today, the Dickies 1922 collection pays tribute to the durability and the craftsmanship of that early workwear.


 Q:   How tough was the selection process to narrow the items down to the selected few? What did that look like as a design team?

A: Each season we try to pull forward a few new details found in archival workwear. We’re also influenced by redevelopments of vintage fabrications. We try to introduce the designs that will resonate the strongest with today’s customer.


 Q:  If you had to pick one favorite item from the collection, which would it be?

A: For this season, the drop shoulder shirt offers a new silhouette that could be worn by men or women.


 Q:   There are a lot of great years in Dickies brand history, can we expect more styles from the archives to come out in the future?

A: Absolutely, we’re always discovering new Dickies garments to inspire future designs.


Q: Anything else you would like to mention about the collection?

A: We’re excited about our new partnership with Wayward Collective and pleased to offer the Dickies 1922 collection made of premium fabrics in limited editions inspired by thoughtful details of our past.


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