Building is better. A mindset that has driven to create instead of purchase is what drives the DIYer as well as the innate satisfaction of creating a one of a kind item with their own bare hands. From making their own art to building their own furniture to brewing their own drinks, they are constantly trying new methods and finding inspiration in everything.

Stoke out your favorite DIYer this holiday with kits, books and other goods that will help nurture that can-do attitude.

Argaman & Defiance DIY Mask Kit

Stay cozy and get crafty with the Argaman & Defiance DIY Mask Kit. A fun way for a couple or family to custom make tie-dye reusable masks at home.

Mollyjogger Scrimshaw Kit

Mollyjogger Scrimshaw Kit is an early American art form originating from the whaling industry in the late 1700’s. During the many idle hours at sea, a whaler etched drawings of nautical themes on items that were readily available to him such as sperm whale teeth and bones. His primary etching instrument was a sail needle, nail or pocket knife. After he scratched his artwork into the surface of the bone, he would rub lamp black or tobacco juice into the scratch to reveal the drawing. As America traveled west, the frontiersmen carried the art form with them, applying it to their powder horns, knives and other accouterments.

You can experience this art form too as you scrimshaw the images of a hunt, big catch or simply the family name on your very own bone-handled pocket knife. This kit includes all you’ll need to complete the project and is a perfect starter introduction into scrimshaw.

Moleskine Colouring Kit

Observe, imagine, sketch and colour with the Moleskine Colouring Kit. This kit contains a Sketchbook with 165 g/m2 paper and a set of Naturally Smart Watercolour Pencils with 12 different shades.

Red Wing Leather Travel Care Kit

Elevated. Functional. Utilitarian. Keep the Red Wing Leather Travel Care Kit with you wherever you are. A sleek and practical leather carrying case holds everything you need to clean your shoes when you’re on the go.

Keep a forever sunset around with the Sunday Mornings Shop Embroidery Kit Sunset.


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