Fab’s Favorite Female Artists

Words by Fabienne Vigil
Photos by Various

Showcasing Instagram accounts, leaving us inspired not tired

Art, in whatever form you identify with, has always been something that is a part of all of our lives. You’ll hear “I only can draw stick figures” or “ there is no artistic ability in me” yet it is hard to argue against the huge appreciation for art and how that in turn can inspire you. Whether that is through saying kind words, sharing what you’ve seen or creating in your own individual way. Social Media, during the past decade, has shaped a platform in our society for many artists to be able to showcase themselves with the pieces or mediums they use to express their personalities.

Growing up in a unique home environment with not one, but two parents who identified as artists, there have always been different complexes surrounding art that took over phases of my life. From copious amounts of unfinished oil and acrylic canvases in every room produced by my father, to sketches and poetry papers fiddled around my mother sitting on the couch. Working on her laptop, creating her next graphically designed art or website experience, our home was a haven for humans struggling to find the perfect way to express their own creativity. My siblings and I were always encouraged strongly, by our beautiful heart of a Mother, to find our own creative outlet, whether through poetry, painting, piano lessons, orchestra, learning different languages, we had endless tutors to reach that goal of becoming something, more for ourselves though, rather than other people. An outlet I was so used to in creating but never mastering a way to fully finish one project that actually meant something to me as my Mother had encouraged me to do. A push towards a direction I never fully appreciated or understood until later on.


After my seventeenth year, I stopped creating as much as I used to, maybe something we can all attest to depending on the season of life we’re currently in. Becoming an adult struggling with college, work, and social pressures that you thought you had left behind in high school, there wasn’t as much creative work being produced personally. Survival took a priority over creativity, a lack of experience and knowing how to truly balance each world, as many of us go through when moving out and figuring out “who we truly are”. I would find myself just trying to keep up with the day to day of endless work and homework, scrolling through all platforms: Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook messaging and the newest one at that time: Instagram. Over the years balance started to creep back up, as well as timed minutes set when looking at these platforms. As we have navigated through the social media world, and my interest in content swaying away from repetitive and agitating, finding inspiration from female artists is something that has taken over the platform. That in itself has led me to write this article, wanting to showcase just a handful of awesome women who are creating a positive, tasteful and beautiful space by  showing who they are and helping others, whether they know it or not. Sharing inspiration, even during a worldwide pandemic, may just be circumstantial.


Laura Burke

A Brooklyn based female artist creating paintings and designs in an easy format that’s beautiful to look at, from different stills with her own artistic twist using graphite and colored pencil. Each painting showcases different yet simple objects tied in together with one color based background that leaves you wanting more and more. Whether scrolling through her website or exploring her business’s social media platforms.


Marlee Grace

Marlee Grace is  a California based artist using many different mediums to express her navigation through life by quilting, writing (books/poems/Zines), movement and podcasting. Her self expression has led her to produce books and lead classes for others using/finding their own expression. Whether that be through creating art themselves in drawing and writing, or showing their own forms of self love. Her latest book entitled, Getting to Center, is an example of her genuine and painfully relatable work she expresses.  Marlee shares her own journey in becoming a human and some tools we too can attempt to use in our lives.


Karen Limkriengkrai

Magnificent earring designer, Karen Limkriengkrai, is based out of our own local Edmonds, WA. She uses a simple base clay while adding in her own flair with strong vibrant colors to each of her homemade pieces. Showcasing her art in a way that is also functional and in fashion, is a medium that can be difficult for most artists to truly master. While launching her shop recently in early March 2020, Limkriengkrai has already sold more than half of the earrings she put up on her business page at depop, with even more styles in various color palettes still available.

What I love about her earrings is the individuality she adds to shapes and creating minimalistic styles we are seeing in different trends over the past year. The matte designs and truly homemade aspects to her pieces leave buyers with a long lasting, every-day wear piece that won’t go out of style. As a new customer to her work, something I have appreciated so deeply is her personal touch and communication, connectivity with the people purchasing locally from  individual artists.


Lula Christman

Lula, a graphic designer originally from Seattle, WA, is now based out of Vancouver, BC and works as a freelance artist. By creating different logos and designs based on different trends, but adding in her own element of design, she leaves you with a new appreciation for the art of design. From working with various brands to create unique logos, to creating beautiful and tasteful brand experiences, her portfolio is filled with inspirational designs that really show the full scope of this specific art medium. I absolutely love scrolling through her Instagram, graphic design is a form of art I truly feel gets overlooked in being mentioned when discussing various art mediums. Although gaining more and more mention and an intense appreciation outside of its own world, creating tedious designs or experiences that involve multiple digital programs and technological skills not many of us have the knowledge of,Lula shows so openly how artistic and beautiful this design method truly is!

We tend to hear of all the pros and cons of social media use, more often than not the cons, and these opinions change from day to day. Yet we still continue to use platforms like Instagram to feel the connection we need as humans. I love the way all of the lady artists out there are using their platform for positivity, whether or not this is intentional, there are little and big ways to show their creativity and use social media as an  outlet to reach people in a way that is meaningful  and just truly wonderful.

Let’s keep on creating in whatever form we connect with!

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