Fab’s Favorite Seattle Vintage Curators

Words by Fabienne Vigil
Photos by Various

Decade after decade people have been able to sell vintage in many locations and out of the “ordinary” brick and mortar platforms. Whether that be through owning antique shops, selling off an eBay account, posting up at monthly/weekly markets, pop-ups or through social media. In whatever way these buyers/sellers choose, the vintage scene in the Northwest seems to be a never ending outlet that grows year after year. Finding the right vendors to buy well-curated vintage from can definitely be a job within itself. Especially in Seattle where the market for selling vintage seems to be less and less of a special rarity alone. Does this cost too much? What if it tears apart? Are 90’s clothing considered vintage now? These all may be questions running through your head when buying vintage from a vendor OR even as a vendor yourself. What exactly will sell? What is a style to look for? Of course buying or knowing which vintage to buy stirs up a lot of questions within our minds. It’s a department that really does take research for both buyers and sellers. 

Living in Seattle for over 10 years, I have a high appreciation of vintage. The question from the buyer looking at vintage may arise: why buy vintage and where do I start? Over the years, I’ve been able to narrow it down to four awesome vendors to get you started; individuals who have been able to sell all throughout Seattle. Who have been linking with a consistent clientele and creating a name for themselves in the vintage world throughout our ever growing beautiful city of Seattle.


Poppe Goods

Vintage collector since 2003, Poppe Goods has been able to take her almost decade long hobby and transformed it into selling throughout various markets throughout Seattle. With a degree in costume design, she has been a stylist at a larger company for about 10 years. She saw a need and opportunity to style individuals to the same degree with the collection of vintage she was collecting over the years. When approaching a Poppe Goods Pop-Up you’ll notice an assortment of Levis Jeans and t-shirts. She values simplicity and will wear this style day to day like most of us busy working men and women. It really takes a good eye and full knowledge not just of what will sell, but what will last long after the purchase has been made. Moving from hanger to hanger each piece is distinct and special in its own comforting way.


When asked what her favorite thing about buying specifically curated pieces she states: 

I know it’s cliche, but they really don’t make things like they used to. I am all about function and form, so it’s important to have items that are not only interesting, but comfortable and well-made. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, so I have quite the collection of old Levis and what I love is that each one is unique. I love finding pieces that would work in someone’s wardrobe without feeling over-the-top. Whether it be an old Nirvana shirt or an 80s sweatshirt, it’s going to be your new favorite thing.” – Poppe Goods


Three words to describe what you will find?:

“Fun. Wearable. Effortless.” – Poppe Goods

Lucky Lemons Vintage

Jason Lemons from Lucky Lemon’s Vintage has been killing the vintage game in Seattle for over six years running! Growing up in his community, wearing second hand clothing would get your attention more in a negative way rather than positive or praise of being unique. Although the teasing that occurred was a part of his vintage journey, decades later he has been able to make a career out of this curation hobby! What made him want to actually start selling vintage? Lemons states, 

“It was never a want. It’s something that actually just happened. Serendipity at its finest.” Selling predominately at markets around Seattle, you can catch him every week on Sunday’s at the regular Fremont Street Market. Having been selling at that location for as long as he has, Lemons has created a regular clientele following. The luxury of being his own boss and becoming a huge staple to this community amongst the neighborhood and the vintage selling world as he drives through the streets unloading his Uhaul truck containing treasures of clothing. Creating a following not just social media, Jason truly enjoys connecting with people face to face; building friendships and comfort with his customers through conversation and laughter! As the market’s close down you’ll always know Lemon’s is coming to collect his myriads of clothing and items including: racks of sought after denim, thick wool flannels, shoes shoes shoes etc.


Why does he continue to sell and buy and provide vintage?:

“The treasure hunt is the best part of what I do. I love clothing, I live fashion, and finding unique and one of a kind of pieces is just an adrenaline rush. It becomes an addiction of sorts.” – Jason Lemons, Lucky Lemons Vintage

While exploring the racks he has curated overtime, you’ll notice a definite style but no exclusion of amazing pieces of clothing for both men and women. 


Three words to describe what you will find?:

90’s Urban Hipster” – Jason Lemons, Lucky Lemons Vintage

Market Collective

Starting in Kansas City, MO Lexi Driggs moved her growing timeless and minimal aesthetic pieces over to Seattle in 2018, selling in various markets and pop-ups like many of her fellow vintage collectors. Having a permanent seller space in Kansas City’s River Market Antiques, Drigg’s space stands out with her distinct color waves and specifically curated fabrics such as silk and linen. Sourcing vintage since 2013, thrifting was hard to pass up which led her to opening up her first business through etsy to share her excitement and amazing finds with others.


When finding and incorporating her own special style with the curated pieces she sells, she states:

“Having a certain vibe and aesthetic brings me so much joy, I’ve always had a strong love for pretty things – so naturally I wanted my business to be authentic in only selling things that I personally love.” – Lexi Driggs, Market Collective

Well said and rings true when shopping Market Collective’s Instagram story. A different route she has moved towards is more consistent selling with her clientele that she has built cross-country, when not at scheduled vintage markets.


Three words to describe what you will find?:

“Accessible. Durable. Essential.” – Lexi Driggs, Market Collective


Renaissance Vintage

New to the vintage selling game, Emily Morgan of Renaissance Vintage has just created a live social media platform to showcase her special curation for others to buy and appreciate as much as she does! Moving out of Seattle, a couple hours away in Port Angeles, Morgan is still able to simply sell throughout her platform in her new little town while also still reaching folks in Seattle. Only being open since February and with the halt of “proceeding with business as usual” COVID-19 has brought to many small business owners, Morgan has been able to be featured in not one but two markets already. From having a booth in the new monthly market: Makers Market in Port Angeles featured as a new vintage curator to markets located in Capitol Hill, Seattle in the Museum of Museums “Mall with Mom”. The careful attention to detail and all around fun Morgan had when she was sent on thrift missions from her friends is something she brings in now as well as when searching for pieces to add to her now selling collection.


When searching for favorites and ensuring the well thought out curation she is bringing to Renaissance Vintage, Morgan states:

“If you go into the thrift store with a closed mind, you’re bound to walk out with nothing. Being challenged to have an open mind while shopping not for yourself gives you endless options. When I find a one of a kind piece or even just some amazing fabric I get so happy inside! I love buying and thrifting with a hypothetical person in mind that it may go to. I am a part of a few different artists markets in the Seattle area and on the Olympic Peninsula and each market has left me feeling so full because each person who buys from me understood why I got so excited to find their new item at home.” – Emily Morgan, Renaissance Vintage

Such a refreshing look into the love and thrill that goes into finding clothing enjoyable to a community no matter where that might be!


Three words to describe what you will find? :

“Simple. Lasting. Thoughtful.” – Emily Morgan, Renaissance Vintage

Through exploring some various vintage vendors amongst the Washington Seattle area, you’ll notice a definite theme: overtaking enthusiasm and happiness and human connections that every single one of these iconic vintage curators. Seattle is so special and ever growing, having people amongst us who not only care about the pieces but the many connections created through them is a value that should be celebrated!


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