Fab’s Feels Like Summer

Words by Fabienne Vigil
Photos by Claudine Ong; WAYWARD Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Clouds opening up, days starting to feel longer, birds start singing all around you yet somehow now your face is smiling, what’s that I hear?? Ah yes, Summer has arrived. If you live in the PNW or anywhere where you seem to not be getting all four seasons (a distant myth to many) Summer is what we adventure seekers look forward to regardless of where we might live. Whether you are biking around your city, on a day hike in the mountains, enjoying a campfire in your backyard, or walking to the nearest coffees shop, WAYWARD has you covered on all the summer essentials brands for ladies and gents!



  1. WRANGLER: With Vintage styling becoming more and more of a must within our wardrobe the past decade, 60’s inspired Wrangler Heritage collection is a brand that is exciting to see come back with a killer ladies line. The vintage fit and stretch that Wrangler incorporates from the wide legged pants to boxy cropped t-shirt are great styling pieces matched with modern trends. 


  1. BRIXTON: Brixton has been able to go into a Women’s line the past two years in a thoughtful and all inclusive way! With simple patterns and everyday fits, wearing Brixton in the sun is great summer day to day apparel.  


  1. TEVA: While we feature Teva to dudes as well, this killer sandal brand has been a wardrobe necessity for all women’s summer adventuring. With comfortability in every step you take, to the awesome waterproof feature when you want to just jump in the lake, these sandals are just purely awesome. Having a sandal that works well within the city walking around to the outdoors is a functionality that we adore about Teva!


Products featured in Photos:


  1. GRAMICCI: This will be WAYWARD’s first official season carrying Gramicci as an exciting new outdoor and city adventure line of clothing. Innovating their form and functionality from the first pair of pants the creative and multi-functional designs take root. With awesome features thoroughly incorporated within this new line, Gramicci is a new favorite for guy’s this Summer!


  1. CARHARTT WIP: Carhartt Work in Progress line gains recognition everyday. Not only with a fascinating urban story, but the ability for this brand to collaborate and create awesome prints and fits for all guys looking to enjoy the sun around the city. It’s easy spotting a unique Work in Progress trucker hat or t-shirt with their unique looks.


  1. DEUS EX MACHINA: With journey being the reward, Deus is a summer brand for all gents seeking adventure while focusing on surf and moto. This season is a time for making memories, Deus apparel seeks all of that while outside or quarenchilling with your family and close friends.


Products featured in Photos:



Summer adventuring and living is the best part of this season. Create lasting memories, by pulling out your lomography disposable camera to capture yourself enjoying this sweet and thrilling season. Pull out your Raen sunglasses as you watch every night end with a different sunset as you reflect on the events of the day. Strap on your Teva sandals knowing you are going to begin each and every day with a different and long lasting story. We’ll all get through this 2020 summer together, coming out of the other side stronger and more appreciative of the journey not the destination! 


                                                                                                                  -Fabienne Vigil


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