Filson C.C.F. Workwear: Premium Quality Without the Premium Price

Words by Aaron Gerry
Photos by Filson CCF

Good workwear is like a finely crafted tool you just happen to wear. It should balance form and function and be designed to last.

For over 120 years, no company has better encapsulated this trifecta than the legacy PNW brand, Filson. Year after year, they’ve built their heritage by producing premium apparel to exceed the needs of rugged work in the harshest elements. And not for a season or two, of course, their goods are designed for a lifetime of use and come with an ironclad guarantee to make sure they do.

Now, with the C.C.F. Workwear line, Filson offers affordability while maintaining their unmatched quality. From farmhands and craftsmen, construction workers to makers, C.C.F. Workwear is for those who depend on their apparel as a critical piece of equipment.

Clinton C. Filson was devoted to making the best for his customers

In order to hold up to the harshest conditions, the Workwear is made with extra durable materials and professional-grade features. Heavyweight duck canvas is the staple fabric, and it is fashioned from a finer-woven yarn that creates a tight weave for added durability. Seams are triple-stitched, heavy-duty rivets detail at stress points and double-reinforced fabric panels are placed in high-wear areas to enhance the hardy construction.

The best part? Most of the items are under $150.

Favorite Pieces

Our favorite items include the Work Vest ($125), which keeps your arms and hands free thanks to the ample pockets, the Utility Jacket ($150), designed tough for colder outdoor days, and the straight shooting Watch Cap ($24), a quick-dry and look fly acrylic hat that just does the job.

In a way, this line is about going back to their roots. C.C.F. stands for Clinton C. Filson, the company’s founder, who had a pioneering spirit and love of the outdoors. He settled in the small timber town of Seattle, Washington in the 1890s and set up shop to outfit prospectors on their way to the Klondike. Filson was devoted to making the best for his customers, as if their life depended on it—and in the hard scrabble elements of land of the Grizzlies, their lives often did depend on his gear.

This Line Works

For today’s modern maker, the Workwear line offers honest, dependable gear for the forest, factory and field, at affordable prices.

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