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Words by Wayward

In 2007, Almond Surfboards began hand-shaping boards from a small Newport Beach location. Today, the crew continues to churn out custom, one-of-a-kind boards. While other surfboard companies try to figure out mass production, Almond takes a step back to focus on hand-shaping unique pieces of surfable art. The smallest details involved in shaping a surfboard can affect the ride, and Almond believes these details are better left to a skilled shaper than some state-of-the-art machine in an overseas factory. From traditional longboards and fishes to outside-the-box fun boards and USA-made apparel, Almond creates goods for the discerning surfer looking for quality products designed with attention to detail. Whether you want to surf one or just hang it up in your living room like a piece of art, we are now giving you the opportunity to own one of these super rare boards.


7’6” Joy – $1075

Dimensions/Volume: 7’6” 21 5/8 by 2.75″

Almond’s most popular, and most versatile surfboard model, the Joy has a low-rocker but enough volume to get into waves early. This custom, handmade board features a pintail and slight vee help it turn with ease, even from the middle of the board. This board is best for most days and most waves. Mid-lengths offer the ability to glide on smaller days, or to get into waves extra early when it’s a little bigger. More “cruisey” than the Pleasant Pheasant. Only available to buy/pickup at the Seattle location. Actual color of this board is white with toffee color band. 

Learn more about this board on Almond’s website


9’4” Lumberjack – $1,285

Dimensions/Volume: 9’4” 23 by 3″

Reclaim the golden era of surfing with a timeless classic, the Lumberjack. This custom, handmade board catches waves early and often, and provides a classic longboard feel, without sacrificing modern demands like noserides and pivot-turns. Only available to buy/pickup at the Seattle location.




Learn more about this board on Almond’s website


6’6” Pleasant Pheasant – $1,075

Dimensions/Volume: 6’6” 21 1/4 by 2.7″

The Pleasant Pheasant is ideally suited for surfers who are more accustomed to shortboards or fishes and want to transition into something a bit longer—or simply surfers who want a more aggressive mid-length. This custom, handmade board is a little more progressive than the Joy, and features a narrower, straighter outline, and small side-bites, for more power and rail-to-rail control. Only available to buy/pickup at the Bellevue location.


Learn more about this board on Almond’s website


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Seattle, WA 98101

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