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Photographer: Brittany Delph.

You know those days when it’s cool enough to sip some hot coffee in the morning, and throw on a couple layers for an adventure in the afternoon? What about when that day is topped off with working on a creative project and ends with a couple of pals and a cold beer? I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that those are the best days.

Now that I’ve got your attention – I’ll paint you a picture of my perfect day: Coffee > Motorcycles > Tinkering in the Garage. It seems pretty simple, but each of these elements in a day offers a key moment of craftsmanship that really gets me inspired. This gift guide was curated with my perfect day in mind, any one of these items will be an instant favorite. My love for motorcycles started when I met a rad community of people in Colorado. The balance of the freedom of the open road and the amazing community of people within it had me hooked. The more I tinkered on my bike, learning how to customize my motorcycle, the more excited I was to explore other creative avenues and grow my skills. When I moved to Seattle and had to start over, the moto community welcomed me and fed my energy, one of my favorite motorcycle-community spots is The Wick Coffee Shop. Another place you can find me on a weekly basis is at Milstead & Co. Follow along on my moto adventures – @tiny.daggers, and for even more photos keep an eye on @brittany.delph. To see more gift ideas for the builders and makers, check out the Gifts for Inspired Craftsmen collection.

Death Before Decaf

Coffee. I find every step of the process to be calming; it reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment. Plus, if I rush, it could taste like hot garbage water, which is a major buzzkill. This part of the day is also quite essential for my sanity, because it makes me step away from my otherwise screen-filled existence, like most of us. The W&P Design Brew Book is a great guide for learning and experiencing the entire coffee brewing process.

You know the steam that rises right as you’re pouring the hot water into the grounds? That’s my favorite part. It’s beautiful, and smells freaking delicious. It’s like that clichéd calm-before-the-storm, only the storm is tasty and caffeinated.

On the Go

My go-to method for brewing at home is Chemex. It’s pretty quick and makes a couple of cups worth of coffee; great for sharing or consuming over the course of my day. To be honest, I usually only drink half a cup at home and toss the extra cups in my Mizu V10 Stainless insulated thermos, hitching that thing onto my sissy bar and scooting somewhere out of the city.

The Open Road

Motorcycles. I own two bikes, one of which, my Triumph Bonneville, is currently my most reliable form of transportation. Luckily it’s fun as heck. On the perfect day, I’ll throw on the Atwyld Alltime Moto Jacket with my Duckworth Tunnel Hoodie layered under it and meet up with a pal to take a ride out towards Stevens Pass. We’ll probably end up looking for some random twisty off-highway roads to get lost on. About half way through the ride, we’ll pull off the road and hang for a bit; grab some snacks and water, and chat about where to go next. This is where the sissy bar comes in for the win: I’ll loop my Fjallraven Kanken Backpack over the top of the sissy, give it a once over with a bungee cord, and not have to deal with wearing it.

When I’m riding on an empty road, there’s always a moment that gives me a feeling of complete freedom, which I’m aware sounds cheesy as heck, but if you get it, you get it. It usually happens when I’m coming out of a tighter corner at an acceleration—I haven’t found that feeling anywhere else. That’s the moment that keeps me riding. It’s also a moment that is somewhat dangerous to get, which is why having the right gear is so important.


My other bike is a 1976 Yamaha DT125 that I have been *slowly* trying to bring back to life. To be clear, I have no clue what I’m doing when I go to fix or replace a part, most of the time tinkering is spent replaying YouTube instructional videos and sifting through forums to find out what I need to do next, but learning and teaching myself is part of the fun and feeds the craftsman in me. I pull out my Bradley Mountain x Wayward Utility Roll throw my hair up with a Pendleton Bandana and get to work. My little bike will run again someday, but that isn’t the full reason why I try to work on it. Ending my day of riding, or work, or whatever I’ve been doing, is a similar feeling to that of my slow coffee mornings. I get to calm down, and focus on one thing, getting this little thumper running again.

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