Spirits Seekers Gift Guide

Spirits Seekers know no bounds in search of the perfect drink…

Words by Wayward

Gifts for Spirits Seekers

Spirits Seekers know no bounds in search of the perfect drink to fit the vibe. They always have a stocked home bar including a range of beers, wines and liquors to tame any tastebud, sometimes complete with a globe that opens up from the top where the nice scotch is kept safe, like a true hostess. Spirits Seekers don’t need Yelp when it comes to their local haunts, dive bars and speakeasies, they have tried them all.  They can recommend the best cocktail or craft beer at each, the newest menu changes, what not to get and can definitely provide the neighborhood hot gossip as they morph between social butterfly and fly on the wall, sipping away. Imbibe in this gift guide to find something spirit forward for the seeker on your list, plus check out the collection of Gifts for Spirits Seekers for full illumination.

Casual Industrees Fresh Cooler

Perfectly sized for a six pack, the Casual Industrees Fresh Cooler keeps your Rainiers cold from refrigerator shelf to far off destinations.

Polaroid Originals Polaroid Now

Bringing the hands on feel of analog photography and blending it with modern autofocus has brought together the best of both worlds. With the Polaroid Originals Polaroid Now Camera, you get the same great polaroid feel with a quick draw point and shoot so no moment is ever missed.

Growlerwerks uKeg Go 64oz

Weighing less than a six-pack of beer, the Growlerwerks uKeg Go is the choice for a taproom experience outdoors. Fill it up with your favorite craft brew and enjoy cold bubbly bevy all day, wherever you want.

Puffin Bottle Sleeping bag

An insulated beer koozie in the shape of a sleeping bag is obviously the one thing your winter campfires have been missing. The Puffin Bottle Holder has a carabiner, bottle opener, and utility pouch to keep your beer cold, hands warm, and the good times flowing. This is definitely not just a want, but a need.

Yeti Colster Can Insulator

A frosty beer after a cold surf is the best, but hands shouldn’t suffer for it

Get those foam koozies out of my face and hit me with the rugged cooling power of the YETI Colster®! Built like a single can cooler, this stainless steel beverage holster fits longnecks and sodas perfectly, keeping them secure thanks to a Load-and-Lock™ Gasket. When trying to warm up after a surf, a cold beer can be amazing on your insides but brutal on your hands. To help prevent wet and frostbitten paws during this time, the No Sweat™ Design comes into play. Take our advice and write your name on it somewhere before you’re forced to replace your first one.

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