Wandering North With Purpose: GrowlerWerks Beer Tour

Words by GrowlerWerks
Photos by GrowlerWerks

Seattle and Portland are only a few hours apart by car, but when you’re hearing the call of an adventure, you have to answer it. When GrowlerWerks saw a chance to go to Seattle to visit their friends at Wayward, they decided to take three days instead of three hours and collect great beer along the way for a uKeg tasting in store. And everyone was glad they did. Heading south from Portland (the opposite direction), they passed through Corvallis, Oregon before heading west to the 101. Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the Astoria pier, and South Bend, Washington,  AKA “the Oyster Capital of the World”, were just three of the many highlights captured in this video and photo essay from their trip up the Oregon and Washington Coast.

Cooking open fire eggs and sausages with a hatchet (because they forgot a spatula), trying to shoot seagulls out of the sky with a slingshot, discovering out of the way breweries and oyster shacks, these are the things we simply don’t do often enough. Heed the wisdom of Jack Kerouac and Edward Abbey, accept the challenge and make it happen. Then capture the moment and send us pictures along the way!

Check Out Some More Photos from the Trip

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