Kick your feet up, relax and check out this carefully curated collection meant to keep the spirits high while laying low.

With scents, warmth and even cold brew on tap, stay-at-home orders and working-from-home have never sounded so good.

Get your favorite adventurer these must have gifts for the times that call for a recharge.

Hatchette Books Group

With stunning photos of idyllic settings, unique architecture and cozy interiors, Hatchette Book Group’s Cabin Porn is an invitation to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty and serenity that happens when nature meets simple construction.

In August 2010, Zach Klein bought a 50 acre patch of land in upstate New York on which to a build cabin and reconnect with nature. He called it Beaver Brook. His friends, former city-dwellers, soon followed, building cabins of their own on the land they shared. Cabin Porn began as an online scrapbook created by the founders of Beaver Brook to collect inspiration for their building projects.

Featuring photos of the most remarkable handmade homes in the backcountry of America, and all over the world, the site has had over 10 million unique visitors, with 350,000 followers on Tumblr. Now Zach Klein, the creator of the site (and a co-founder of Vimeo) goes further into the most alluring images and new getaways, including interior photography and how-to advice for setting up your own quiet place.

Growlerwerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Like your cold brew coffee fresh? The Growlerwerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the solution for caffeine connoisseurs everywhere who want smooth, fresh, and delicious tasting cold brew on tap at home. A 12-cup capacity and double-walled stainless steel construction keeps it fresh for weeks.


Capable of far more than just grocery getting, the Baggu Standard is a durable, machine washable tote that can withstand even the most rigorous daily use. This reusable bag holds 2-3 standard grocery bags worth of stuff, has handles that work in hand or over the shoulder, holds up to 50 pounds and still folds flat into a 5 x 5 in pouch.

Polaroid Originals Lab

Turn your desktop into a darkroom with the Polaroid Originals Lab. The 3-lens system pulls your digital photos from the cloud, and turns them into a classic Polaroid picture that you can print and hold in your hand. It’s 100% real film chemistry that’ll turn your smartphone camera roll into beautiful printed mementos.

Pendleton National Park Blanket Throw Glacier

Whether for the color combo or to create some lasting memories, crawling under the comfort of a Pendleton National Park Blanket Throw is not to be forgotten. Featuring a custom Pendleton label signifying their authenticity and special woven label with the park name and image of an important natural feature, this timeless blanket will never go out of style.

Every National Park Blanket is still woven right at Pendleton’s Pacific Northwest mills, just as they were nearly 100 years ago.

For every National Park Blanket sold, a royalty goes toward the National Park Foundation’s preservation and restoration projects.

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