How to Wax 101 with Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax on G1000 fabrics

Words by Megan Davin
Photos by Megan Davin

G-1000 is Fjällräven’s own extremely versatile fabric, a proven outdoor classic that will prepare you for all types of adventures, in all climates, year-round. The densely woven fabric (65% polyester and 35% cotton) is treated with Greenland Wax to make it more water resistant.

Most G-1000 garments come pre-waxed; but after a few washes with regular use the wax will need a top up. Plus, if you know there is going to be questionable conditions, you can always plan ahead and add an extra layer of Greenland Wax to areas more exposed to the elements like the knees, rear and lower parts of pants or the front, hood, and back hem of jackets can always benefit from some extra wax.


How to Wax:

  1. Apply Wax

Take your block of Greenland Wax and rub it with long, smooth strokes against the fabric leaving behind a thin, even layer. You will want to apply some pressure when you do this.

  1. Heat

Using an iron (or hairdryer) on low to moderate heat, melt the wax into the fabric. Greenland Wax melts between 131-140 degrees Fahrenheit, basically you want to avoid the wax getting runny. (Wipe the iron off after use, before using on other garments)

  1. Repeat

This step isn’t always necessary, but if you want to make the fabric even more water resistant, repeat the process several times.

The waxing combination makes G-1000 one of the world’s best outdoor fabrics with a number of other strong properties:


  • Durable G-1000 is very resistant to wear, and this in combination with its low weight makes it an excellent choice for both traveling and outdoor life.
  • Water resistant Greenland Wax makes G-1000 garments very resistant to rain and moisture. This means that you can wear them during brief rain showers. If the fabric gets wet, it will dry fast.
  • Windproof The dense weave makes G-1000 almost totally windproof. Once infused with Greenland Wax it offers complete protection against biting winds.
  • Breathability One of G-1000’s most impressive qualities is its excellent ventilation – it efficiently releases moisture from the body, which is particularly important when partaking in strenuous activities.
  • UV protection The fabric provides almost 100% protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) and therefore greatly reduces the risk of sunburn.
  • Mosquito safe The tight weave keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects away from your skin – practical both in the mountains and the forest, or when traveling in hot climates. (Note that G-1000 Lite is not mosquito safe.)


Frequently asked questions answered:


Q: What happens when waxing products with down or synthetic padding or Hydratic lining?

A: So you don’t affect the filling or sensitive synthetic lining used to stop down escaping through fabric, we recommend using a hair dryer to warm the wax. For down, you can also tumble dry on low heat.


Q: How do you reactivate Greenland Wax?

A: When looking to reactivate the Greenland Wax already on the garment, like a winter jacket that has been in storage all summer. Iron, or use a hairdryer on the garment with low heat. The heat will draw out the wax and you should be able to feel the difference straight away.


Q: How do you remove Greenland Wax?

A:  When wind and water resistance isn’t your number one priority you can restore the garment to its original state. All you have to do is wash the garment at 104 degrees Fahrenheit two to three times and you will remove the Greenland Wax.


Q: What is the contents of Greenland Wax?

A:  The wax is a combination of paraffin and beeswax, which makes it gentler towards both people and the environment.

So, what’s the big deal? G1000 is a tough material with a tight weave to begin with. This makes it naturally wind resistant, but by adding Greenland Wax, you can increase the wind resistance, make the fabric even more durable and add water resistance. When you remove it, you can make it lighter and airier.

Enjoy waxing your garments.

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