Introducing Perpetual Motion: New Travel Series from WESTx1000

Words by Kyra Sacdalan
Photos by WESTx1000

For four years now, Justin and I have been, for lack of a better word, homeless. When we first met in L.A. both running away from our respective realities, Justin asked me if I’d throw it all away and live with him in his trusty Ford E-150 Econoline—cargo version. Long story short, my answer changed the course of our trajectories and led us to where we are today.

In a whirlwind, we tumbled into each other’s lives, crammed ourselves into a van, bought a pair of Yamaha XT225s and created a career about our shenanigans (I know, unusual right?), naming the company WESTx1000 after our inaugural expedition in Baja California. We do some behind-the-scenes business involving clients and have a regular need for WiFi. But our pride is in the more enterprising endeavors—anything which demands inventiveness, critical thinking and freedom. And luckily, this involves a shit ton of industries and outlets.

Justin, a long-time blogger, has grown his photographic and journalistic prowess rapidly in just a short time. I, however, came from a less colorful background. Working desk jobs and specializing in aerial grunt work, I had kept my innovative side to myself for far longer than desired. In comes WESTx1000. And with a pen as my sword, I attempt to slay paper with words. Blow minds with wit and a rhythmic pace (how am I doing?). Together, Justin and I travel the world making a life out of meeting people and having experiences. We’re paid to curate and cultivate. Keep things fresh and bring others to life. We’re the quintessential 30-something millennials who, of course, hate the term and the association. But hell, if you can’t beat them… Bake ‘em bread.  

But does that tell you anything about us? Well, we like bad rap and 80s pop music. Rat pack and pre-60s jazz. Justin surfs, I attempt to. We would spend good money on quality drinks, killer cuisine and passport stamps over anything else, any day. But really, who gives a shit? I’m not introducing you to us; I’m introducing you to our new show. We don’t matter. It’s what we see, who we meet and all the mischief which deserves your attention.

Exploring Mexico on dual-sports, hunting for Haikyos in Japan, documenting off-road races in Sardegna, crossing America on Indian Scouts… Our lives are filled with interesting people, beautiful locations, a variety of cultures, life-lessons and, more than anything, uncertainty. That’s how we like it—so far at least. And though we’ve thoroughly recorded our journeys with a growing list of photo-editorial projects, the static nature of writing and picture-taking just doesn’t do these adventures justice.

So, with the help of one-man-band videographer, Nathan Slabaugh, we’re hopping on our bikes—the engine-driven sort—and taking off for lands near and far. Equipped with a drone, some gear, lots of questions, a bottle of mezcal (you’ll see) and a healthy curiosity, we’re comin’ at ya with little warning, full speed, in Perpetual Motion.

Stay tuned to the Wayward Journal over the next several months for episodes from the series. And some other nonsense they’re letting us get away with.


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