Jingling the Bells: Wayward’s Holiday Jams

Words by Wayward

Holiday music usually sucks. It’s background fodder played in malls, department stores, coffee shops and elevators from the first day of November through the end of the year. It’s the same eight to ten songs remade over and over again for the last 80 years.¬†Good from far, but far from good, holiday music has the power to get some into a festive mood while nauseating others. If even the thought of having to listen to holiday music makes you want to rip down every decoration in sight and toss it all in the fireplace, well, we have the playlist for you. From a classic sung(?) by DMX to go-to’s from Run DMC and Mariah Carey, and new favorites from The Growlers, Thunderpussy and Tijuana Panthers, this playlist will satisfy the traditionalists and be a savior to the rest of us who are barely hanging on this time of year.


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