More than Just a Brand: The Filson Legacy

Words by Matthew Vanatta

Becoming a legacy brand takes a certain amount of grit and determination. It signifies your product has stood the test of time, lived up to customer demands, and proved to be a product of extraordinary value.

Filson was founded in 1897 in Seattle, Washington, in an era filled with boom and bust. A brand born out of necessity, C.C. Filson started manufacturing apparel and blankets to provide gold miners with adequate gear for Alaska’s harsh environment and has been manufacturing the highest quality work and outdoor apparel and accessories for over 120 years.

Since its inception Filson has been synonymous with high quality and rugged durability, the brand has long been a favorite amongst those whose profession keeps them in the elements. Filson has been the trusted workwear for everyone from sea fairing fisherman to trail worn ranchers. If a job calls for gear that can hold up to a day in the field, Filson is the unrivaled choice.


“Filson is continually pushing what it means to be versatile”

While Filson is the outfitter of career outdoorsman and women, it is also a favorite amongst recreational outdoor enthusiasts. Filson has created a diverse line of high quality outdoor and travel gear that can take you from a romp around Rome to angling for trout in the mighty rivers of the Rockies. With a manufacturing facility in Seattle, Washington, many of their products are still made in-house, top to bottom, in the U.S.A..

As equally impressive and durable as their clothing, is Filson’s line of travel and utility bags. From day bags to wheelable luggage, Filson has a bag for every mode exploration. With impeccable craftsmanship, Filson’s gone above and beyond to manufacture bags and luggage that can handle a wide range of duties, from daily commutes within the city to far-flung adventures.

From the city to the woods, Filson is continually pushing what it means to be versatile. They have long been a trusted choice for those that venture into the outdoors, but through continued innovation and timeless design, they have also become a favorite amongst today’s creative class. As modern society becomes more informed about the value of high-quality products that are built to last, Filson continues to attract lifelong loyalists. Once you own a Filson product it becomes exceedingly difficult to procure products that aren’t manufactured to the same rigorous standards.

Legacy brands aren’t created through slick marketing campaigns or quick-to-market manufacturing. The only way to become a legacy brand is to continually create products that are trusted and true. Filson’s legacy was built on, and continues to set, the standard for remarkably durable and well designed outdoor gear and clothing. Filson has been cementing its legacy for well over a century and there is no doubt that in another 100 years the company will still be setting the standard for outdoor apparel, accessories and travel goods.

Filson’s functional and stylish outdoor gear is best in class and is a must for any travel, outdoor or adventure enthusiast. Stand with products that will stand with you.

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