Seattle’s Top 3 Dog Parks for Man and Beast to Enjoy

Words by Erica Stark
Photos by Erica Stark & Christian Burke

“Four legged friend”, “fur babies”, “doggo”, “man’s best friend”; whichever you choose to call your canine, we can all agree we love our dogs.  Over the years, I have been to many dog parks and realized most of them can be pretty mundane and don’t offer much for our dogs, let alone dog owners.  Having a dog means having an adventure partner, so shouldn’t their social life be just as fun for you as it is for your dog? I searched around the Seattle area and have come up with my top 3 favorite dog parks in Greater Seattle for both man and beast to explore and enjoy!

Off Leash Area Edmonds

(Parking: Free)

The Edmonds beach dog park makes the list mostly because of the breathtaking views.  Just as the name states, this dog park is an off leash dog area right on the beach in Edmonds, WA.  The beach overlooks the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountain range, making for gorgeous sunsets for you and your dog to enjoy.  The area is mainly fenced with the exception of the water. During high tide there is not much chance for your dog to pass the fence. Your dog can enjoy a swim in the puget sound, chase birds, and a run on the beach all in one spot. The park also offers a small agility course for the dogs who love to show off.  For the human in the pack you have the choice to sit back and relax on one of the driftwood logs throughout the beach, or get your steps in walking up and down the sand. This park also offers fresh water for your pup to stay hydrated and plenty of sticks to play fetch. Sunset or anytime of day, this park is a definite must visit.

Magnuson Park

(Parking: Free)

My favorite part of Magnuson off leash area is the feeling that you are on a mellow hike with your dog.  With 8.6 acres of fenced in area, Magnuson is the largest fenced in dog park in Seattle and includes access to the shores of Lake Washington.  While most dog parks feel sedentary and boring, Magnuson is a place where you and your dog keep moving the entire time. The park offers plenty of clean up bags along the trail, a large flat play area for those not wanting a trail walk, and the end of the trail opens into a beautiful cove of Lake Washington where you and your dog can cool off.  This park is what dog dreams are made of!


Marymoor Dog Park

(Parking: $1)

Marymoor was the first park we took our dog when Seattle became our new home.  Not only is it known for it’s huge off leash dog area, but is a recreational destination for people as well.  Though this park is about 30 acres larger than Magnuson, it is not fenced in. Marymoor is a park for dogs that respond well to voice commands and well behaved off leash dogs.  This makes the park pleasant for both the dogs and humans alike. The park offers trails, bridges, fields, and river access. With over six miles of trails, getting exercise for yourself and your best friend should not be a problem.  Access to the Sammamish river allows your dog to swim and hydrate throughout the walk (or run) while keeping your senses as occupied as a dog sticking their head out of a car window! The scenery in the park is that of beauty and the smile on your dog’s face after a day at Marymoor will make you keep coming back.

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