Seven Gifts for Capturing the Moment

Words by Chris Zimmerman

Whether shooting through a smartphone, high-end DSLR or analog film camera, people are documenting life more rapidly than ever. With this increased interest in photography, more people are developing an “eye” for the shot and unlocking an inner creativity they may not have known they possessed. From accessory lenses for a smartphone to elevate it to a professional level, to the reintroduction of Polaroid film, here are seven great gifts for the aspiring photographer or one looking to get reinvigorated all over again. For even more gifts for the photographer in your life, check out our full Gifts for the Photographer collection.


Incase DSLR Pro Pack

There’s no getting around the fact that cameras are expensive. Between bodies, lenses and all the accessories, having over $10K of camera gear isn’t out of the question. Luckily the Incase DSLR Pro Pack has it covered. Able to hold a camera, four additional lenses, laptop and everything else needed for a day’s shoot, a protective camera bag like this is worth every penny if it protects expensive gear. Whether wandering around the city on a photo tour or traveling to exotic locations, being able to safely bring the right gear while keeping it accessible is a win-win.



Polaroid Originals 600 Camera

While some of us may not be old enough to remember the original form of Instagram, and where the idea for filters came from, others will see the Polaroid Original 600 Camera and feel a blast from the past. A fun addition to parties and perfect to take on road trips, this Polaroid camera is a great way to create tangible, lasting memories, and you can still take a photo of the photo to post to the feed.




Polaroid Originals Color 600 Film

Between the iconic white frame and debate on whether or not there’s a need to “shake it like a Polaroid picture”, everyone from Beyoncé to Lucy Liu can appreciate the look and feel of Polaroid Originals 600 Film. Literally an essential for a Polaroid camera, this 8-pack of film can create lasting memories to magnet to a fridge, send to a friend, pin to an evidence board or file away for future reference.




Moment Tele Lens

A famous saying by photographers is, “the best camera you have is the one with you,” and we almost all have phones on us. Then by that logic, smartphones are the best cameras. Take this thinking to the next level with the Moment New Tele Lens. This high-quality glass lens attaches to a smartphone via the durable, photo-friendly Moment Photo Case, adds some valuable depth of field and creates a 60mm focal length to get closer to subjects without relying on digital zoom. This little accessory is a must-have for travelers, nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.



Topo Designs Accessory Bag

From USB cords, memory cards, filters, rolls of film and any number of other little items, camera accessories can really pile up. Keep them organized and accessible with the Topo Designs Accessory Bag. With a zippered closure and made from durable ripstop fabric, this handy bag has nearly an unlimited amount of uses.




Tanner Goods SLR Camera Strap

Camera bodies and lenses get heavy after awhile, and the strap can end up cutting into your neck. Pretty uncool. Made from genuine leather with durable nylon attachments points, the Tanner Goods SLR Camera Strap not only looks like a high-end complement to a camera, but adds a level of all day comfort typically unheard of with stock straps.




Lomography Don’t Think, Just Shoot Book

Whether as a coffee table book that shows off hobbies to visitors or as a little inspiration to get out there and shoot, the Lomography Don’t Think, Just Shoot book is a welcomed addition. Filled with 2,000 lomograph submissions from all around the world, tips, tricks, anecdotes and confessions, this 360-page book is worth taking the time to read cover-to-cover, then browsing for inspiration again and again.




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