Seven Gifts for Those Who Like to Do It Themselves

Words by Chris Zimmerman

With how easy it is to get anything these days, there are those who believe the art of the craft has been lost to overseas factories and expedited shipping. For them, the project of creating is half the pleasure, if not sometimes half the battle. Between saw dust, engine grease, paint and ink, their clothes show a constant patina of the work put in. While not everyone may have the necessary skills and fortitude to see a project from start to finish, the idea of getting dirty and learning the process can be an intriguing prospect. From wood carving and brewing kombucha to products that embrace craftsmanship, here are seven good gifts to help someone get started on their own DIY projects. For more ideas on doing-it-yourself, or having someone else do it, check out our full Gifts for the DIY Die-hard collection.


Mollyjogger Scrimshaw Knife Kit

While ornate scrimshaw designs were originally done by whalers during their leisure time, this hands-on craft can now be accomplished in anyone’s free time with the Mollyjogger Scrimshaw Knife Kit. This kit includes everything necessary to get some micro designs going: solid lock-back knife, steel point scribe, step-by-step instructions and more. Even though the practice of whaling is, thankfully, on the decline, there’s no reason this artform can’t live on.



Box Brew Kits Kombucha Kit

From fancy grocery stores to farmer’s markets, kombucha is all the rage. It’s also expensive—but super easy to make at home. With the Box Brew Kits Kombucha Kit, you can make your own kombucha at home, and much like a sourdough bread starter, keep brewing and brewing and brewing. This kit comes loaded with two swing-top bottles, half-gallon mason jar, one happy SCOBY and the rest of the parts needed to start brewing this fermented tea. While the health benefits gained from kombucha are debatable, the skill and enjoyment from making it yourself cannot be argued.



The James Brand The Country Knife

Whether whittling wooden figurines, opening cardboard boxes or fending off trash pandas, the craftsmanship of the James Brand The Country knife can’t be denied. A throwback to simpler times of sweet tea and porch conversations, this slim wood-accented knife features a sturdy and sharp stainless steel blade, making it small enough to fit in a pocket while keeping a solid hand feel.




Mollyjogger Ironquill Hook/Knife Sharpening Stone

The safest blade is a sharp blade, so keep your knives sharp and wits sharper with the Mollyjogger Ironquill Hook/Knife Sharpening Stone. This small novaculite stone comes from Central Arkansas and is ready to keep tools, blades, hooks and other pointy things sharp. With a little bit of honing oil and a few minutes, an entire knife collection can be renewed with razor sharp edges.




Bradley Mountain Utility Roll

From tools and art supplies to chef knives or a teenager’s candy bar stash, keep them wrapped tight in the Bradley Mountain Utility Roll. Made from durable waxed canvas with an oiled leather strap, this simple roll will keep things organized for many years to come.




Men’s Society Hammer Bottle Opener

While perhaps a last resort as a hammer, the Men’s Society Hammer Bottle Opener should be the first thing in reach for tapping bottles. This heavy duty cast iron hammer features a top bottle opener and two different hammer heads—round and flat. A great accessory for a tool chest, man cave or kitchen drawer, this handy bottle opener is also perfect for intense games of Hammerschlagen.




Bradley Mountain Blackwing Pencil

Remember pencils? No, not a stylus for a Palm Pilot, an actual pencil. The Bradley Mountain Blackwing Pencil is perfect for woodworkers, artists and anyone who prefers a soft, dark line. Tipped with smooth Japanese graphite and house in an incense cedar casing, this isn’t just some throwaway pencil.




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