Seven Gifts to Battle Winter Hibernation

Words by Chris Zimmerman

Some people never seem to be cold. No matter the month or weather forecast, they’re wearing shorts, t-shirts and sandals—with or without socks. Other, perhaps more reasonable people, tend to get cold when temperatures drop. Shorts are replaced with pants, t-shirts for sweaters and heavy jackets, and sometimes still… socks with sandals. No matter how you slice it, the warmer a person is, the more comfortable they tend to be. Whether you run cold or hot, everyone can appreciate a nice warm layer. Here are seven of our favorite gifts to help someone in your life make it through another winter. For even more ideas and inspiration, check out our entire Gifts to Stay Warm collection.  


Fjallraven women’s Greenland Winter Parka

A tribute to one of the oldest bait-and-switches in history, the Fjallraven women’s Greenland Winter Parka is warm enough to wear on either island—iced or green—plus many other cold places. Made with a water and wind resistant shell and featuring a super cozy teddy-pile lining throughout, the longer length of this parka and its cold-weather fighting features are more than ready to take on winter.



Carhartt WIP men’s Phoenix Coat

Even the name of the Carhartt WIP men’s Phoenix Coat evokes warm, low humidity feelings, but it doesn’t stop there. With a workwear influence, this heavy duty canvas jacket features a pile lined body and collar for added warmth, and a look that works in any cold environment. Whether carrying wood for a backyard bonfire or making your way through a frozen snowpocalypse cityscape, being warm in the process makes winter easier to swallow.




Poler Reversible Napsack

Being in a sleeping bag? Awesome. Getting out of a sleeping bag? The worst. Luckily the Poler Reversible Napsack makes this chore a non-issue. Basically a sleeping bag with arm holes and an open, cinchable bottom, this is the ultimate slumber party accessory. With a front pockets for phones and snacks, and a hood, this cozy sack is perfect for wearing around the campfire, at home on the couch, or like some people—all winter long.




Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace

Aside from the sun, fire was the first and primary source of heat for thousands of years. Boasting this original technology in a portable package, the Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace is large enough to get a toasty rager going, but small enough to take along on any adventure. Made of stainless steel and fully collapsible, this fireplace is perfect for tailgating, backyard hangs and any other safe spot lacking the warmth of a fire.




Belmont Blankets Hellagood Adventure Blanket

Dude, how good is this blanket? That’s rhetorical because the Belmont Blankets Hellagood Adventure Blanket is even better than first impressions would dictate. This warm fleece blanket features a durable waterproof backing, making it great for sitting on wet grass or driftwood, or fully wrapping a person to protect against the elements.



UCO Stormproof Torch + Bottle Opener

Trying to get a fire started, and failing, can be one of the most embarrassing situations, but beyond that it can also be a matter of life and death if things have really gone bad. Luckily the UCO Stormproof Torch + Bottle Opener can make a firebug out of even the clumsiest backwoodsman. With a powerful, storm-proof triple-jet torch hot enough to ignite even the wettest of wood and small enough to fit in a bag, this little lighter will soon be a outdoor go-to. The addition of a built-in bottle opener makes it even more practical.



Coal The Uniform SE Beanie

Since people lose the most body heat through their head, it makes sense to cover it. When that cover is a soft, comfortable and stylish beanie like the Coal The Uniform SE, it makes even more sense. Made with a extra warm rag wool with a soft-knitted acrylic lining, this hat is as comfortable as they come and warm enough to stay warm all winter long.




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