Seven Gifts to Dial in a Creative Space

Words by Chris Zimmerman

Between phones, tablets and Netflix binge opportunities, there are plenty of ways to get distracted and pulled away from more enriching tasks. Many of these distractions can be lessened simply by setting the right mood in your space. Everything from lighting and fragrant aromas to music, drinks and pure coziness can help add some zen to a room, a home or secret corner hideaway and help fuel the creative juices. Whether writing in a journal, painting, reading a book or just zoning out listening to a good record, there are many different ways to relax and boost creativity. Here are seven gifts for the person in your life looking to dial back distractions and enrich their creative space. Check out our full Gifts for the Creative Space guide for even more ideas.


Audio Technica Bluetooth Auto Turntable System

Sure, you can stream pretty much any music in the world right from your phone, but throwing it back to vinyl is a good way to slow everything down and appreciate the experience. The Audio Technica Bluetooth Auto Turntable System bridges both worlds—the analog feeling of pulling out the record, flipping it over and the smell of the vinyl—combined with the modern day power of Bluetooth. While you’ll still have to get up to change the record, the ability to stream tunes to up to eight different speakers, headphones or other devices makes the effort worth it.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A2 Active Stone Grey Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, but getting one that doesn’t sound like dice rattling around in a tin can and has enough battery to last all day can be a challenge. Boasting a premium sound, up to 24 hours of battery life and a portability that allows it to be brought along on any adventure, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A2 Active Speaker is ready to party, or chill out, depending on the soundtrack. Paired with a Bluetooth turntable (like the one above) and a well curated record collection, this speaker has the power to really set the mood.


Poler Pendleton Blanket Crater Lake Blanket

There is nothing cozier than cuddling up under a warm wool blanket, and the Poler Pendleton Crater Lake blanket continues that tradition. With the timeless dedication to quality and wool Pendleton is known for, with a fun Poler addition, this blanket will be sure to decorate the beds, couches and bodies of many over the years.



W&P Design Brew Book

Nothing says “relax and recharge” like a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee, but that gas station swill just won’t cut it when dialing in a creative space. The Brew book, published by W&P Designs is not only full with useful information about beans, brewing methods and dozens of tasty recipes, it also looks great adorning a coffee table or bookshelf. For those looking to boost their coffee knowledge and learn more about this magical concoction, this is the perfect place to start.



Peg and Awl Medium Journal

Since we all spend so much time typing on keyboards and on our phones, it’s easy to forget there’s no “undo” or spell-check when it comes to pen and paper. Whether writing a personal manifesto or sketching out design ideas, the Peg and Awl Medium Journal creates a special place to keep thoughts, hopes and dreams. Plus, since it’s made with a high quality leather cover and has thick, acid-free pages that work well with pencils, pens and charcoal, it might mean more care is taken with penmanship than scribbling some chicken scratch onto a sticky-note.



Ranger Station Oakmoss Candle

Ever go to an open house and breathe in the smell of fresh baked cookies? It’s probably just a candle. Those real estate agents know the value of using scents to the set mood, and now, with the Ranger Station Oakmoss candle, you can too. The combination of a hot mug of coffee, invigorating smell of a burning candle, record playing through the speaker and feeling cozy under a warm blanket is a surefire way to get those creative juices flowing.




Mystery Made Get Busy Livin’ Mug

For some reason everyone gravitates to one favorite mug, even with a half dozen to choose from in the cupboard. There’s a bond that forms between the owner and good mug—and not just from the time you sipped too early and nearly fused your lips to it. Whether filled with tea, coffee or a hot toddy, the Mystery Made Get Busy Livin’ Mug isn’t just a good spot to contain a warm beverage, it also includes a very motivating message to get it going, turn off the Facebook and focus.



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