Seven Gifts to Make Road Warrior Life More Comfortable

Words by Chris Zimmerman

Whether on slow scenery crawls or all-out cross country hauls, traveling by car is a great way to experience the changing landscape and, if done right, a way to save money by camping and couch surfing. No matter if it’s only a few days or a full year, the life of a road warrior comes with a feeling of rebelliousness, sense of freedom and the ability to find a public bathroom in any situation. While this life of minimalism can lead to creature comfort sacrifices in lieu of essentials, there are a few things worth their weight—and space—in gold. From a camera to capture memories to a cooler to hold the day’s snacks, here are seven gifts any road warrior can appreciate. For more ideas and inspiration for those who put the rubber to the road, head to our full Road Warrior gift guide.  


Fjallraven Splitpack Large

When trying to beat overweight baggage fees or just make the load more manageable, the Fjallraven Splitpack backpack duffel steps right up. With a large size and internal organizer pockets that make packing easy, this versatile duffel quietly screams adventure. Its soft-sided qualities make it easy to pack in the back of a car and the entire thing zips in two for even more packing and carry options.  




Curator Women’s Car Coat

With a name that might be a little too on-the-nose for the context, the Curator women’s Car Coat is actually perfect for road trips. This open-style blazer is soft and comfortable enough for spending hours in the car, but can easily be layered up for warmth or Instagram photo opportunities. 




Yeti Roadie

Bringing a cooler on a road trip hasn’t been a real game-changer since the early 1980’s, but what if someone needs a cold drink, now, and the cooler’s buried in the back? With its compact size and signature cooling power, the Yeti Roadie is the perfect in-car solution. For tailgate hangs or traveling road-sodas, this little cooler still has the capacity to hold 14 cans and the durability to take the damage of getting tossed from a moving vehicle.   




Lomography Lomo’Instant Automat Glass

Even the worst smartphones still take pretty good photos, but for something a little more tangible, think about reverting back to the original form of instant photography. The Lomography Lomo’Instant Automat Glass camera is a fun way to get re-inspired on photography or feel the first hooks of a life-long passion. With a built-in flash, glass lens and different shooting modes, this camera offers the instant gratification we’re used to with the throwback feeling of analog photography.



Wildsam Austin Field Guide

Between amazing live music, a passion for BBQ and an affinity for keeping things weird, Austin, TX, is a place everyone should check out. With so many things to do, cocktails to drink, places to eat and cowboy boots to try on, knowing where to begin can be a challenge. That’s where the Wildsam Austin Field Guide comes in. This 145-page guidebook gives valuable tips on where to find the best tacos, swimming holes, live music venues and much more, and is a great addition for an upcoming trip or a way to spark some inspiration and curiosity for the Lone Star State.



Coal The Thomas

A timeless basic open to interpretation, the Coal Thomas hat keeps things simple and elegant. Made with a stylish flannel body that’s warm enough for the frosty winter months and featuring a subtle “C” front patch that could just as easily stand for “Cool”, “Chicago”, or “Charles” as it does for “Coal”, this understated hat is ready for use on the open road or the daily commute.




Walnut Studiolo Travel Dice

The life of a road warrior can mean ending up in some divey bars and crusty diners. Be prepared for the eventuality of underground, high-stakes diner gambling dens by packing along the Walnut Studiolo Travel Dice. Whether playing a game of cee-lo for a free pie or intense Yahtzee battles for who gets the bill, traveling with a set of dice is a good idea. This set also comes inside a brass travel case that can be worn as a necklace or attached as a key chain to be ready to roll at a moment’s notice.



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