Seven Gifts to Make Traveling More Enjoyable

Words by Chris Zimmerman

A last-minute getaway during the worst of holiday travel is not most people’s idea of a relaxing time, but there are those who revel in it. Between collecting frequent flyer miles and knowing the best spots to eat at O’Hare, these travelers have found a way to enjoy the experience. Maybe it’s a positive, travel-hardened attitude, or maybe it has to do with a few key essentials that make all the difference. While we can’t help with missed connections or TSA Pre-check lists, here are seven gifts that can make traveling more enjoyable, and at the very least prevent someone from having to use the power outlet next to the bathroom. For more great picks for traveling, check out our entire Gifts for the Frequent Flyer collection.  


Incase Noviconnect 22 Smart Hardshell Luggage

With longer layovers and the removal of the seatback TV monitors, staying entertained while flying comes down to your smartphone and tablet technology. Luckily the Incase Noviconnected 22 Smart Hardshell Luggage is here to keep us charged up. This solid, hardshell rolling luggage is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment but features a built in power pack for charging multiple devices while on the go.



Baxter of California Travel Starter Kit

Staying fresh while traveling can be a challenge, and even the best hotel soaps and shampoos are adequate at best. The Baxter of California Travel Starter Kit is the answer to underwhelming grooming products with its TSA-approved sized bottles of daily face wash, oil free moisturizer, after-shave balm, and daily protein shampoo that comes in a convenient dopp kit bag. Just add toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant to be travel-ready in no time.



W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit

The cocktail game on even the nicest first class fares leaves something to be desired, but don’t get us wrong, free is still good! Add in another upgrade with the W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit. This little kit features everything but the booze to craft the perfect in-flight cocktail in a TSA-friendly tin to keep it all together.




Matador Droplet XL 20L Dry Bag

Whether visiting the hotel hot tub, or after a pre-flight workout, traveling with wet, damp and smelly gear is a good way to create some gnarly mold issues. Keep dry gear dry and wet gear away from dry gear with the Matador Droplet XL 20L Dry Bag. This ultra-lightweight, collapsible dry bag fits into a convenient silicone storage case, and features a secure rolltop and taped seams to create a travel friendly solution.




Filson 48 Hour Duffel

With the uncertainty of arriving at a destination with a checked bag waiting, many people resort to sticking to carry-on only. With its timeless style and rugged durability, the Filson 48-Hour Duffel bag is large enough to fit enough travel essentials to last at least two days, in a convenient soft-sided body that packs in even the snuggest overhead compartments.




Mizu M4 ST Spearmint LE Bottle

It can be tough to stay hydrated during full days of travel, and buying $4 bottles of water is a surefire way to blow the budget. Bringing a refillable water bottle, like the Mizu M4 bottle allows you to fill up at one of the many water fountains in the terminal and save money. Just a reminder to empty it before bringing it through security.




Curator Frida Scarf

Some people can sleep on flights with no problem, others have a tougher time and need a dark, quiet environment to get comfortable. That usually won’t happen on a crowded flight, but the Curator Frida Scarf is a good shortcut. Drape this scarf over your eyes to create a dark little cave to shut out the world. Paired with some good headphones and maybe a glass of wine, this is a cozy, surefire way to get some shut eye.




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