Seven Strong Gifts for Opening a Home Bar

Words by Chris Zimmerman

Visiting a new bar can either be an open, welcoming experience, or an intimidating and potentially hostile beginning to some sort of hazing ritual. Instead of putting yourself or someone you know through this, why not open a home bar? Think about it: cheaper, stronger drinks, a handpicked VI-VIP crowd and no last call regulations. From basements and garages to trailers and spare rooms, there are plenty of great locations to open a home bar. And while we all can’t create a basement bar to rival Ned Flanders’, here are seven solid gifts to help get one off the ground. You can also check out our complete Gift Guide for Spirits Seekers for even more ideas on setting up a home, or even a mobile, bar.


Growlerwerks uKeg 128

Every good bar visit starts with a tasty hopped beverage, and thanks to the carbonated staying-power of the Growlerwerks uKeg 128 and its easy to use pour tap, the brews can keep on flowing. Built tough with a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, this growler also keeps beer, or any other carbonated beverages, cold and bubbly. 




W&P Designs Cocktail Kit

With the W&P Design Cocktail Kit, feel free to post up at the home bar or take everything to-go. The mason jar shaker, wooden muddler and two cocktail coupe glasses will help elevate your cocktail game while the canvas carrying bag makes it easy to pack up shop if need be.




Bridge & Burn Women’s Whiskey Will Do T-Shirt

If there is one way to live the phrase, “wine is fine…but liquor is quicker,” it’s with the Bridge & Burn women’s Whiskey Will Do t-shirt. Whether behind the bar pouring or at it drinking, this shirt sends a real message.




Archie’s Press Spirits Print

Like a cocktail road map and encyclopedia rolled into one, the Archie’s Press Spirits Print is the perfect bar fodder to keep guests well-informed while they imbibe. Whether in a frame or tacked up to the wall, this 8×8″ letterpress print is easy to appreciate.




Box Brew Kits The Taster Tropic Thunder Citric IPA

Sure you can buy pretty much any beer there is, but real, legit bars feature their own custom brews. Send the home bar to the next level with the Box Brew Kits The Taster Tropic Thunder Citric IPA. This kit includes everything necessary to make an at-home brewski for an at-home bar.




W&P Design Shake Book

Unlock an inner mixologist with the W&P Design Shake book. This well designed book features simple and delicious cocktail recipes for entertaining all season long. Whether stored behind the bar to fend off drink curve-balls, studied at night before bed or just decorating a coffee table, this book contains a wealth of knowledge.




Horse Brand EDC Utility Deluxe Kit

From fixing opening bottles to executing pro-level parlor tricks, the minimalistic practicality of Horse Brand EDC Utility Deluxe Kit is sure to impress even the staunchest home bar visitors. The perfect accessory to a jangle of keys, this little opener and utility tool set is great for pulling staples from bathroom band flyers, opening beers, breaking down cardboard boxes or scraping ‘No Parking’ stickers off a windshield.




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