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Wayward wouldn’t be where we are today without our adventurous and trusted store team. Not only are they just rad people that love sharing their passions with the people they meet, they are on the front lines and have had the opportunity to see, touch, smell, and (hopefully not taste… well, maybe sometimes) every product that has come through Wayward’s doors since we began this journey over a year ago. Because of their experiences and knowledge, they are the go-to resource for recommending the favorite products this season. To see the full list of picks, check out our Staff Picked Gifts collection and get learned from the best. Big shout out to our crew, and here’s to many more years of good times!

Polaroid Originals 600 Camera Red Stripe

Naseem // Wayward Seattle

Adds a fun vintage aspect to any event, hangout, or trip. No better way to capture the moment than with the Polaroid Originals 600 Camera.

Baro Lowry Jackey

Rory // Wayward Chicago

My staff-pick was the Baro Lowry Jacket. I noticed it immediately after walking in to work and was really impressed with its elegant simplicity. One of my favorite things about the jacket is the lack of branding, there’s no logo seen anywhere on the outside of the jacket, which not only expresses good minimalist design but also opens the jacket to a broader demographic.

Carhartt WIP Acrylic Watch Hat

Andy // Wayward Bellevue

It’s beanie weather! Take the standard Carhartt beanie, give it a dope upgrade and you get the Carhartt WIP Acrylic Watch Hat. It’s an easy way to look trendy and put together without having to wash your hair.

Baleen Beacon Ear Jackets

Victoria // Wayward Bellevue

(Only Available In-Stores)

Welp, there goes my paycheck. Not only is Baleen local to Seattle, everything they make is super cute and won’t break your budget. (Unless you need to have all of it, that is…) They make such a wide variety of jewelry, there’s something for everyone!

deus Ex Machina Address Workwear Jacket

Milana // Wayward Bellevue

My staff pick is my Deus Ex Machina Address Workwear Jacket. Since I’ve moved here from Southern California, I have been nervous about how cold it will be but I stay super warm while feeling stylish at the same time.

Casual Industrees x Rainier Coaches Jacket

Keon // Wayward Seattle

My first choice would be the Casual Industrees x Rainier Coaches Jacket. I really like how warm the jacket is and the beer Rainier makes. It keeps you dry and it looks cool.😎

Carhartt WIP Madison Cord Shirt

Adam // Wayward Chicago

The Carhartt WIP Madison Cord Shirt would be my staff pick for this year! Mainly, I love how fashion forward this item is and it is one of the most comfortable things we have. You can never go wrong in a light corduroy shirt!

Iron & Resin Del Sol Blanket

Alexx // Wayward Bellevue

A new blanket is the perfect gift! They last forever and never go out of style. You can take the Iron & Resin Del Sol Blanket on adventures or cozy up on the sofa.

Leatherman Rev Multi-Tool

Daniel // Wayward Seattle

When I first moved to the PNW in August from the East Coast, I traveled light. Like, real light … there were definitely no tools stowed away in my luggage. The Leatherman Rev was the perfect multi-tool to unpack my life out of boxes, assemble new furniture, and crack open a beer. The Rev has quickly become a trusty accessory I dare not leave home without.

Pendleton Rosebud Jacket

Claudine // Wayward Seattle

(Whiskey color Only Available in Stores)

My go-to especially for date nights! 😉 Very cute with turtlenecks and dresses. It’s timeless and an essential for the season. I feel like everyone had a jacket very similar to the Pendleton Rosebud Jacket growing up!

Moment New Tele Lens

Duncan // Wayward Bellevue

The Moment New Tele Lens is the best hiking buddy. You gotta have a good product to capture those landscapes, horizons, sunrises and sunsets. What else do you need?

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