Staying Connected Creatively

Words by Tyler May
Photos by Tyler May

Whether you consider yourself a creative person or not, we can all agree that quarantine is challenging us to get creative with the use of our time…especially those of us whose lives are oriented around meetups and hangouts. (I miss my people!) Connectedness is difficult enough in normal circumstances, so how in the world are we supposed to stay connected in quarantine?

Here are some activities I have found useful to fill time instead of kill time. I hope you find them inspiring. Enjoy!



Use this time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air (instead of that recirculated stuff you’ve been breathing in the last 19 days😉), but don’t go on just a regular walk. Spice it up!

  • Pick Up Trash
    • Walk with purpose! Before you head out the door, grab a bag to fill with garbage as you walk, leaving the earth a little cleaner than you found it.
  • Become a Troubadour
    • If you are musically inclined, grab your guitar, uke, or instrument of choice and make some sweet melodies as you get your exercise in. Who knows, you might even make friends with your neighbors along the way?


  • Channel Your Inner Artist
    • Take a notebook and pen with you! When you see something that piques your interest, stop, observe and sketch. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just learn to practice stillness as you focus on the object. Let the world slow down around you and choose to be present in the moment you’re in.



It’s still as great a time as any to make new friends and meet new people. Whether extrovert, introvert, or in-between (Shout out to my ambiverts!) an e-community is a great way to keep from isolating yourself relationally, even while isolating physically.

  • Meetup or Facebook Groups
    • Find people who share your same interests. Even if you can’t meet up with them now, you can begin to build those friendships so that it’ll be like seeing an old friend once the time comes to get back out in the world.
  • Subscribe to Email Threads
    • I am an email subscription ADDICT! If I can get the deals and free insider information, I want it ALLLL. One of my favorite subscriptions I’m signed up for is The Good Trade. Each email is broken up into sections (i.e a song to listen to, a book to read, an influencer to follow, or a blog post directly from The Good Trade). However, if this isn’t your speed use websites like Medium to find subscriptions for you. Or simply go to your favorite brand websites and sign up for their subscriptions. (Did you know Wayward has our very own email subscriptions? Sign up by clicking the letter icon in the top left corner to stay in the loop about deals and steals.)
  • VSCO & HitRecord
    • If you are an artist wanting a space to share your work, VSCO and HitRecord are great spaces to do so. It’s fun and free (for the most part), so you can join the communities today! Whether sharing photos on VSCO or poems on HitRecord, these online communities create spaces for artists to bounce ideas off each other and help encourage one another to grow in their craft.



In this time where fear can come knocking at so many business owner’s doors, be the one to bring some hope and joy back into their lives by doing your part to help them stay afloat.

  • Buy & Post
    • If you shop online, whether you are buying a bag of coffee, a plant or your new favorite tee from Wayward, take a picture of the products you buy and post about them on your social media. This way your favorite business is still getting traffic which helps them be able to provide you with the things you want.
  • Write Reviews
    • Use your voice! As simple as it sounds, writing positive reviews is really helpful for businesses (especially small businesses) because it provides credibility and helps others know where to go when this quarantine curtain has lifted.
  • Send Gifts
    • This is such a frustrating time for so many people, but especially those who have had big life events canceled by social distancing and isolation. I know I had personal pain when my plans for a small, surprise birthday party for my boyfriend kept getting botched until it was finally canceled. I still took the opportunity to send him gifts. I felt like he deserved so much more than what I was able to give him, but in times like this, we do what we can. For those friends of yours whose birthdays feel like they are simply blending with the rest of the days, or for the friends whose weddings were cut short, shop online for unique gifts and send it their way to say you’re thinking of them. You can send gifts straight from the source or gather a few items to make a sweet gift basket at home. Either way, do something special for those who are special to you.



Finding time for family and friends has never been easier. I live in a different state than most of my loved ones, so although we are familiar with all of the video chatting tools, we’ve never used them more!

  • FaceTime
    • Use FaceTime to catch up with your siblings, your best friend, or your parents in another state…or even in the house across the street. I know my uncle lives with his wife and kids across the street from his in-laws, but because they are over sixty, they don’t want to chance getting his parents sick, so they #stayhome. Whether across the street or over the pond, keep those you love safe by simply FaceTiming them as opposed to stopping over to check in on them.
  • Zoom
    • Never have I seen more posts about Zoom calls in a week’s time than I have in quarantine. Not only are businesses using Zoom to stay in touch with their team or host events for their clientele, but people are using it for happy hour e-hangs, craft time, and game nights. Get creative! Gather your gals and pals and have some fun with what a Zoom call can look like.
  • Instagram Video-Chats
    • I used Instagram Video-Chat before this whole pandemic started, but my little, Italian grandmother sure did not. Haha! My 72-year old grandmother downloaded and created an Instagram account just to stay in touch with my mom and I. What went from family video calls turned into inspiration for art projects. Once a week my family and I will get together on Instagram to share with each other what piece(s) of art we created throughout the week. This has been, by far, my favorite thing to come out of this less than exciting time. (This week, I get to present this post you are reading now, along with the cards I created for it! My gramma? Well, she’s been e-traveling the world and taking pictures she likes to use them as inspiration for an art piece.)



The time you’ve been meaning to take for yourself just dropped right in your lap! What better way to utilize this time than to love yourself by doing activities to inspire growth?! Come out of this pandemic a whole new you!

  • Webinars
    • Webinars are my jam, bread, and butter. I have been in about 2 webinars a week learning how to grow myself and grow my business. I have listened to my favorite entrepreneurial women, such as Angie Lee or Jordan Lee Dooley. If those aren’t your people, find the men, women, or organizations that inspire you. Check their websites to see if they are hosting upcoming webinar events. Save your spot. Put it in your calendar. And when the time comes, grab your notebook and pen, or your laptop, to take notes so you can start implementing what you’ve just learned!
  • Build a Skill
    • Now is a great time to be working towards the 10,000 hours rule created by Anders Ericsson and expanded upon by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers. I have a sweet friend who has been interacting with people in her college community by using her skills of graphic design and creating little art pieces for those she’s closest with.



  • Build that bookshelf, paint that canvas, remodel that car. Whatever your current craft is, do that. Or pick up a new one!
  • Start that Business You’ve Been Dreaming Of
    • Before this whole thang went kaboom, I had just launched my Etsy shop, TylerMayDesigns. Here’s where this gets cool. I’ve had this dream since I was 16 years old to own an Etsy shop where I could sell my handmade cards. Putting this dream into play six years later was already a big enough feat for me, but then COVID-19 hit and things changed. In the middle of seeing people’s sadness and frustration, I thought of these things called Pocket Pals, or pocket-sized versions of my encouragement cards. I started to reevaluate what I wanted to do with my shop’s products and profits and came up with a new business plan. For every Pocket Pal purchased, 1% of my proceeds will go to Rescue Freedom, along with a Pocket Pal for the trafficking survivor being housed or helped by Rescue Freedom.




That’s just me, but what about you? What is it you want to do with your life? Who do you want to help? What skills do you possess to make the world a better place, even if it’s just the world around you? What do your friends and family always compliment you on and how can you use those talents and tools to make an impact in other people’s days or lives?

Well, friend, we’ve come to the end. Those are just some tips and tricks I’ve found in my time of Corona quarantine. I hope some of these ideas help make your house feel more like a home bursting with energy and life as if the winds of creativity were swirling around you. From all of us here at Wayward, hoping you’re using this time to find self-actualization through exploration: We love you and are in this together!!

— Tyler May

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