Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Trying to put the final touches to this year’s gifts can be quite the feat. Wayward aims to make crossing that final hurdle easy with a complete collection geared towards little gifts that make a big impression. Inspired by wandering artists, beach town bums, and anyone trying to live their best life, these gifts will add that final touch of flare to appease anyone on your not so naughty list this year. Check out the full collection of Stocking Stuffers for more ideas on stuffing stockings with more than just coal.

Opinel No. 08 Colorama Knife

Forged in the fires of Mount Doom… Just kidding, this handy knife is actually made in the Savoie region of the French Alps (which actually might be cooler). With colors to please the pickiest of people and a stainless steal blade that can outlast the elements, the Opinel No. 8 Colorama knife makes an excellent addition to anyone in need of a little more edge.

Walnut Studio Travel Cribbage Board

Sometimes you just have to set down the smartphone and go analog to connect. The best way to connect, is of course, by burying your friend in a game. Made from Birch wood and complete with a leather case, the Walnut Studio Travel Cribbage Board makes for the perfect game on the go. Great for a seasoned player or someone who loves to learn something new.

Square Trade Goods Big Sur 8 oz Candle

An ode to the legendary beaches and winding roads of Big Sur, the Square Trade Goods Big Sur Candle evokes fond memories of cruising down Highway 1 with its mixture of Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk, Smoke and Sea Salt. Smell is the most nostalgic of the senses, so bless your giftee with good times on the golden coast.

Field Notes Signature Ruled 2-Packs

For those who love putting pen to paper the Field Notes Signature Ruled 2-Packs make the perfect addition to their list. The focus of this release was on the quality of paper and cover to make for the best writing experience possible. Be an enabler to any creative addict and watch the ideas stack up.

Wayward Gift Card

We get that buying the perfect gift isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Some people are slow on making the lists and others just seem to already have everything they want. That’s where the gift that never gets old comes in… the gift of choice! Wayward Gift Cards are here to help, pleasing even the most difficult of people you’ve been procrastinating on shopping for.

Hella Slingshot Best Slingshot No. 4

The only thing that’s more effective than the fountain of youth is… the slingshot. Don’t believe us? Try giving a slingshot to anyone from the age of 5-105 and you will see the same youthful look on them all, a devious grin that alludes to broken bottles, laughing, and a pissed off neighbor or two. Only this time around, keep in mind that time outs aren’t quite as effective so better to buy the Hella Slingshot Best Slingshot No. 4 in pairs and battle fire with fire when the time comes!

Reed Wilson Design Coasters

Show love for your home coast (or favorite coast, we don’t judge here) with the Reed Wilson Design Coasters. These coasters will be the centerpiece on any coffee table for those who believe that their coast is second to none. Every coast has something to offer but just like kids, one might say they are all great and equal but deep down, one of them is the pride and joy. Just be ready to rattle off your coast’s triumphs when visiting this friend’s house.

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