That’s a Wrap: The Top 10 Journal Entries from 2017

Words by Chris Zimmerman

Between joining our friends on some great trips, learning about and visiting new places, getting to interview some very interesting people and opening three stores, 2017 has been a big year for Wayward. Through all of it, most of our big year has been shown with written content here on the Journal, and if a cross section of this can be any indication of the year it’s been, well it’s been a busy, productive year of adventures. Moving into 2018 and as we stick to our goal of providing unique, quality weekly content, we wanted to revisit your favorite posts from the year. Whether it was interviews with photographers, insider city guides or trip reports, here are the top 10 Journal entries from 2017, according to you.


Life on the Edge: An Interview with James Brand Founder Ryan Coulter

(Photo: Andrew Miller)

Not only does a knife show a readiness and preparedness for any situation, it makes up a valuable part of an everyday-carry kit. At one time a knife was just as important as a wallet, phone or keys, and we think that time is ready to return. We were fortunate to check in with Ryan Coulter, founder of Portland’s The James Brand to learn more about these high quality, minimalist knives, how the brand got started and tips for when you accidentally try to bring your knife through a TSA checkpoint.

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Frameworthy: 10 Years of CHBP Coverage with Photographer Jim Bennett

(Photo: Jim Bennett)

Jim Bennett is a legend in the Seattle music scene. Having shot many iconic photos at concerts and festivals over the years, featured in the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine, Jim has seen a lot over the years. Even if you haven’t noticed him in the photo pit, he’s probably there, lens pointed at the action, looking to capture the indescribable feeling of a live show. We had a chance to catch up with Jim to hear about how he got his start, some of the most iconic moments he’s witnessed and the challenge of running point on a festival like the Capitol Hill Block Party.

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Time Traveling: Richer Poorer Gets a Taste of the Northwest

(Photo: James Barkman)

Who would have guessed a surf trip to Oregon with our friends from Richer Poorer would result in huge barreling waves, the best fish and chips around and having to break into a ‘92 Toyota Previa? After surfing at both Pacific City and Short Sands, our trip to Oregon was complete and went down as one for the books. While the Richer Poorer crew got to experience a classic Northwest surf trip, we were all able to make some lasting memories worth laughing at later and learn a valuable lesson about locking your keys in the car.

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Frameworthy: Travis Gillett Talks Ushering Filson Into a New Age

(Photo: Travis Gillett c/o Filson)

A lot of brands claim a heritage of quality but few can stand up to what Filson has been through. While less than even ten years ago, lifelong fans of Filson were generally rough and tough, put their gear through the wringer and had a certain appreciation for built-to-last products, today that crowd has grown to cast a much wider net. Matthew Vannatta had a chance to catch up with photographer and former Filson content manager, Travis Gillett, about his role in helping to usher the brand into the modern age as well as the adventures he took along the way. From riding horses deep into northern Idaho to braving the wild Bering Sea, Travis experienced quite a bit, helping him develop into the photographer he is today.

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Where the Road Ends the Adventure Begins: Taking on Tofino with Roark Revival

(Photo: Jeff Keenan)

Getting invited on a surf trip is almost always fun, but when it’s Roark Revival on the line and the trip involves taking a boat to remote Vancouver Island beaches where bears roam the shores and the weather can change in an instant, it adds a whole new dimension. Special guest contributor, Jeff Keenan, was fortunate and hardy enough to tag along on this three-day trip with local legend Raph Bruhwiler to the edge of the Canadian wilderness and came back no worse for the wear, but full of epic stories.

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An Insider’s Guide to Seattle with Patrick Duffy De Armas

(Photo: Jake Hanson)

Some people just seem to have their finger on the pulse of the city, and Seattle-based artist, entrepreneur and all around good dude, Duffy, is definitely one of those. Between his insanely booked out creative firm Electric Coffin, Boxes of Death international art show tour, partnering on a hot new pizza spot, and managing a venue/office in downtown Seattle, Duffy knows how to stay busy in all the right ways. That’s why he was the perfect person for Matthew Vannatta to interview in this Seattle insider’s guide. From the best spots to grab a drink and a bite, to outside-the-city escapes and his favorite spots to see live music, Duffy laid all the cards on the table.

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Chicago: Surviving & Thriving in the Windy City

(Photos: Nick Lipton)

As Seattle natives, we’re still in the process of learning and discovering all the hidden secrets of our new second home, Chicago. In order to not get caught slipping at a Buffalo Wild Wings or something touristy, we linked up with Windy City local, Nick Lipton for some insider knowledge. From former mob-owned bars, where to get the best food and what to see when you’re there, Nick set the stage for plenty of future trips. This post by Nick was a good reminder of the value of a local connection and the benefit of ditching the standard guide books and blogs.

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Women in the Field: Meg Haywood Sullivan

(Photo: Meg Haywood Sullivan)

After cutting her teeth in the backcountry amongst tall mountains and even taller odds, Meg Haywood Sullivan honed her photography skills to become one of the more well-rounded photographers to come from an action sports background. As a third generation photographer, Meg has proceeded to travel the world to shoot outdoor, lifestyle and action photos, in the process becoming known for her editorial, travel and fashion work. Matthew Vannatta was able to catch up with Meg to learn about growing up with creative parents, managing a work-life balance, and finding inspiration in nature.

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Talking Authentic Vanlife with James Barkman

(Photo: James Barkman)

Before we partnered with James Barkman on some photoshoots, we had a chance to interview him about his #vanlife experience. While James has since parked the van in exchanged for a gear-ladened dual sport motorcycle on his way to Patagonia, he spent a solid chunk of time living out of his ‘76 Westfalia. We had a chance to learn about his internship with Chris Burkhard, living simply and what was next for this restless explorer. Now you can catch James and his two childhood friends working on completing their moto-based mountaineering trip along the Panamerican Highway, but this is a good look to see how this young adventurer got started.

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How to Shoot Epic Outdoor Photos with Adventurer Max Lowe

(Photo: Max Lowe)

After growing up under the tutelage of one of the most prominent mountaineers in history, Montana raised Max Lowe went on to carve his own path as a creative and photographer. Now behind some of the most inspiring outdoors films, this young director, photographer, outdoorsman and National Geographic Adventurer continues to push boundaries. Matthew Vannatta was fortunate to be able to catch Max during a rare down time and get him to share five tips for shooting better outdoor photos. If you’re looking to take your photography to the next level, these valuable tips are a great start.

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