Travel Bug: Our Favorite Globe-Trotting Instagrammers

Words by Wayward

It’s easy to go down a wormhole on Instagram. One second you’re researching locations for a potential vacation, the next you’re watching videos of dogs surfing. It happens quickly. But for every useless, time-sucking wormhole, there are just as many valuable routes to go down that can lead to inspiration, clue you into some new local knowledge or uncover a new favorite photographer. When looking to get inspired to take a trip, whether to somewhere warm and tropical, or on a powder-packed getaway, finding the right photographer can make all the difference. Since we’re feeling extra travel-ready this time of year, we thought it’d be best to highlight some of our favorite travel ‘grammers who are out there, leading by example and documenting the journey along the way. 



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While this recent Hawaiian transplant hails from the Pacific Northwest, Andrew Kearns‘ photography knows no bounds. This young photographer has a knack for capturing some of the most natural scenes, portraits and landscapes, but manages to stand out from the crowd through his use of interesting angles, subject matter and editing. From Iceland and Scotland to the Northwest and now Hawaii, Andrew’s photos make for a compelling reason to travel and an even better reason to follow him.



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Based in Salt Lake City, Autumn Shipp recently took a trip to Bali that could make anyone come down with a case of the travel bug. Even though surf tourism is a big draw to Bali these days, Autumn was able to inspire a sense of awe through the people she met, the green of the jungles and life beyond surfing. Give her a follow to see authentic images from around world as well as catch a glimpse of her amazing video work.



Whether it’s gorgeous landscapes or gorgeous people, Charlotte Little Wolf has figured out how to uncover a globetrotting way of life through her camera and share it with all of us. From Alaska to Iceland, Charlotte paints the picture for a cold weather lover’s dream with epic landscapes, waterfalls and frosty mountain peaks sure to inspire a bit of wanderlust in even the most sea-level based person. If you have frost running through your veins, or don’t but like the idea of it, give Charlotte a follow.



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About as far away as you can get from a tropical paradise, Aaron Blatt spends most of his time in the mountains. As a staff photographer for Vans and Snowboarder Mag, Aaron travels from the backcountry to contests all around the world, capturing the best snowboarding along the way. Not only is he known for traveling with a bow and arrow, and making crews backcountry pancakes, but Blatt has a knack for capturing a unique shot in an industry where it’s easy to think everything’s been done. Follow Blatt before the upcoming winter Olympics to get an up close and personal view of the contest that won’t be shown on NBC.  



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Not only is Brad Leone the test kitchen manager for Bon Appetit and the host of the amazing YouTube series, “It’s Alive”, he also travels the world eating some of the best looking food around. While Brad’s specialty is fermented cuisine, he doesn’t limit his palate on trips to Colombia, the Pacific Northwest and New England. Full of personality, as demonstrated in his YouTube series, Brad translates this to images of some great looking food that is more than enough to inspire airfare to an exotic food destination.


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