Wayward Worn: Lander Cascade Review

Words by Cody Howard
Photos by Cody Howard

Last week, I was able to put the Lander Cascade to the test when I traveled to Kansas to see family. The trip: leave my home of Boise, ID fly to Seattle, WA transfer planes and touch down in Wichita, KS about 6 hours later.

Knowing that I wanted this to be a true test of the Lander Cascade’s ability I left home with 10% battery on my Google Pixel 2 XL and had 2 podcasts downloaded and ready for the upcoming plane ride.


What’s in the Box:

The Lander Cascade comes in a well built travel case that is large enough to fit the Cascade 2600, its micro-usb charge cord, and a few other cords if needed. It is not large enough to put in a phone, laptop/camera charger, or pen. While the travel case definitely looks nice, I found that it took up more space in my bag than just wrapping cords with a rubber band, so I decided to leave it at home.


Size + Design

The Lander Cascade 2600 comes in a nice compact size. It’s length nearly matched the width of my palm. It definitely feels nice in the hand, but you also get the sense it could take a beating if it had to. There is a single button, LED light, and USB input at the top end of the charging bank. Attached is an Illumiweave reflective lanyard that will help you find it in the dark and keep it connected to your wrist, pack, or whatever else you can connect it to. The LED light system is set to three colors. Green = full charge Blue = battery is halfway full Red/Red Blinking = low battery.

Traveling With It

Packing the the Lander Cascade 2600 was a breeze. It’s small and barely took up any room in my bag. Since it is charged via the micro-usb input I was able to utilize my DJI Mavic 2 Pro charging cable to cover both my drone and the Lander Cascade. This was nice. Unfortunately, my Google Pixel 2XL is charged via USB-C. Since the Lander Cascade’s single output was USB I was forced to purchase an additional cable that went from USB to USB-C in order to charge my phone.

Lander claims that the Cascade come pre-charged and ready for use upon opening. When I pressed the on button after opening I was welcomed by the green LED light telling me that it was in fact fully charged.

After boarding my initial flight from Boise to Seattle, my Pixel 2XL was at 5% battery. I decided to get a little reading done so put my phone in airplane mode and connected to the charged Lander Cascade for the next hour and forty five minutes of the flight. By the time we landed in Seattle my Pixel 2XL was charged to 45% and the Lander was dead. Yep, fully dead in under two hours and was only able to get my Pixel 2XL halfway there.

Luckily, 45% was enough for me to make it to my destination of Wichita, KS with enough battery to make a call so that I could be picked up from the airport. Even if I was disheartened by the fact that the Lander Cascade didn’t seem to live up to the packaging, I was happy to have had battery left for that.

Preparing for my return flights home I charged up the Lander Cascade, which took about an hour and a half. After it was fully charged I packed it away and decided to use it to charge my Jaybird X3 bluetooth headphones. This time the Lander Cascade worked flawlessly. I plugged in my headphones, pressed power on and had fully charged headphones within two hours. After charging my Jaybird headphones the Lander Cascade was still showing blue on it’s LED, meaning that they only took half of the battery to charge.


Wrap Up

For anyone looking to power up small electronics or non-plus sized smartphones I think the Lander Cascade 2600 is great. It’s well designed, lightweight, and adventure ready. You will get a single full charge for your phone and potentially two with smaller electronics such as headphones. That being said, if you have an iPhone Plus or XL model of an Android phone I cannot recommend the 2600. If you are like me, grab the 7800 instead or try the 5200. It will be able to handle your size of phone with a little left for the longer expeditions.

I hope that you found this review useful. For other reviews and more adventures, follow @codydhoward on Instagram or follow @Wayward and let us know what you want reviewed next!

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