Wayward Worn: Traveling with the Fjallraven Raven 20L Pack

Words by Cody Howard
Photos by Cody Howard

A few weeks ago my wife, Sarah, and I were able to go back to our beloved city of Chicago for a quick weekend visit.  Having received the Fjallraven’s 20L travel bag – the Raven we knew it would be the perfect trip to give it a test drive.

Organization is key

And the Raven did not disappoint. This pack seemed to have a place for everything. A small media pocket at the top, perfect for a quick snack or smartphone. The larger main compartment had a laptop sleeve that is compatible with up to 15” models and room for an entire weekend of clothes if you wanted. The next zip out pocket had 3 organizer pockets, a mesh pocket complete with a key hook, and still ran the entire height of the bag. The last pocket, a diagonal pocket across the outside of the pack, was perfect for a wallet, book, or Kindle with easy access while traveling.

It’s also worth noting that the side pockets on the Raven are much more water bottle friendly than the popular Kanken… as in you can fit a water bottle larger than 12 ounces in them.


Comfort was never an issue while wearing this bag around the city for a full day or around airports for a couple of hours at a time.  When we first received the bag, it seemed that the straps might dig in around the neck area because of the style of the straps.  Since it was only worn with a sweatshirt or jacket, there was never a problem with feeling uncomfortable on the trip. If you have the bag fully loaded and are only wearing a t-shirt it could become an issue throughout a long day. For us, the straps provided plenty of padding for a day of exploration.

Who this bag is perfect for

This bag is excellent for a variety of purposes.  The many different compartments are great for organization, especially during travel when you might need certain items easily accessible, like your wallet, phone, book, or water bottle.  The laptop compartment was within easy reach, another perk for those who travel and need to take out their laptop quickly to get through security.

This bag is built for the student or working professional.  Again, the individualized compartments make it easy to grab your wallet if you need to quickly scan a bus pass on the daily commute or buy a coffee on the way into work.  The Raven 20 is also sleek enough that you won’t be worried about bumping into someone on a tightly packed train.

For those who are intrigued with the packs Fjallraven has made, but are looking for something bigger than the Kanken– this bag is it.  It provides more than adequate space while still maintaining a sleek exterior combined with the quality you expect from Fjallraven.

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